Trump’s failing revolution

Scot Faulkner assesses the Trump Administration, noting that the President has failed to bring on board people who would actually carry out his agenda and instead has surrounded himself with Never-Trumpers whose goal is to block his agenda.

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Congress, courts must help Trump drain EPA swamp

The Trump Administration has an opportunity to reverse overreach by the EPA and other federal agencies -- but Congress and even the Courts have a role to play, according to CFACT policy advisor Larry Bell. Indeed. even the simplest actions by the Pruitt-led EPA or the Trump Administation in general will likely be challenged in federal courts by those with vested interests in the status quo.

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Get NASA out of the climate alarm business

CFACT Advisor Dr. Larry Bell reports that the highly publicized claim by NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies is bogus -- that other studies, for example, work done by the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project, come to very different conclusions about the significance of the GISS findings, and others have questioned GISS director Gavin Schmidt about why his team ignored very accurate satellite data which have been available since 1979. Schmidt, of course, declined to answer, and now major media outlets are backtracking from their original reporting.

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Sunspot trends suggest global cooling may be ahead

Leading European scientists are now predicting a long-term cooling trend will follow the past 17 years of relatively stable worldwide temperatures. Dr. Fritz Varentholt expects the world to get cooler in the future for three reasons: (1) we are or soon will be beginning on the downward flank of the Sun’s Gleissberg and Suess cycles; (2) solar activity during the next cycle may extend our current very weak one; and (3) ocean cycles will be in cooling phases over the next decades as well.

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Who paid for the golden rice eco-attack?

Activists attacked and destroyed a field of “golden rice” in Pili, Camarines Sur in the Philippines. If Greenpeace and those who follow their lead continue their misanthropic attempts to thwart the scientific development and evaluation of golden rice, they position themselves squarely against the progress of science. The blindness and death of millions will be on their heads.

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Shroompocalypse Now!

The end of the world just got serious. On the eve of the winter solstice, as the Mayan calendar ran out, the NY Times reported that yields of the world's most fabulous fungus, the black diamond itself, the $1,200 per pound Périgord truffle is in decline and it’s your fault!

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Deadlocked talks go into overtime

The Doha climate talks deadlocked Friday, went into overtime and reconvened Saturday at 7:30 AM for an unscheduled extra day. Climate funding and CO2 targets divide nations rich from poor. Who speaks for freedom?

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California cap-and-trade is a ‘moving’ proposition!

By Appeal-Democrat Editorial Marysville, California.  It's probably no coincidence that Gov. Jerry Brown recently launched a website to scare Californians into embracing his global-warming hype....  The state is about to launch a cap-and-trade scheme ... ostensibly to fight global warming.... If Brown were more honest, he would acknowledge that his intention isn't to curb global warming, which we and many scientists maintain is a highly disputable threat. If he were straightforward, Brown would explain to Californians that his cap-and-trade penalties on large industrial emitters of greenhouse gases are nothing but a disguised tax to raise billions to finance already overblown government operations. [...]

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Billions for wind power that does not even work!

By Kevon Martis After a winter storm left us without power for three days, I vowed to buy a backup generator, to guard against future events. My local hardware store carried a 10,000 Watt gasoline-powered generator for $3,000. The T. A. Edison Conventional Gas Master 10000 seemed reliable and convenient but looked kind of old-fashioned. So I took a brochure and researched alternatives. On the Internet I found a new generator called the “Sarver-Schauer Super Green Eco 10000.” The website described it in glowing terms and said it cost the same as the Edison Gas Master for the same 10,000 watts [...]

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Wind energy’s bird and bat butchery

By Craig Rucker and Paul Driessen This article originally appeared in the National Journal. In 2009, the federal government fined ExxonMobil $600,000 for the unintentional deaths of 85 birds in five states during a five-year period. Meanwhile, well over 500,000 birds and countless bats are killed annually by wind turbines, according to the US Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) and other experts. The slaughter “could easily be over 500” golden eagles a year in our western states, says Save the Eagles International biologist Jim Wiegand. Bald eagles are also being butchered. The two species body count could soon reach 1,000-per-year. Supposedly [...]

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Caught in a green crossfire

President Obama has waged war on fossil fuels for three and a half years – and American consumers and families are caught in the green energy crossfire. They are getting hit with higher energy prices, dismal employment prospects and a floundering economy, as billions go to unfriendly overseas countries for oil we could produce in the USA, and billions of tax dollars are wasted on subsidy schemes designed to make “green” energy more competitive – by raising the cost of electricity and fossil fuels that really power our economy. Even worse, his policies are actively killing jobs and preventing job creation: [...]

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