The Hillary treatment for climate fraudsters?

Maybe Eric Schneiderman and his fellow AGs are onto something -- they are just investigating the wrong side. Instead of criminalizing differences of opinion or inconvenient facts, we might do well to root out actual fraud, let real science prevail, and protect our livelihoods and living standards from unscrupulous people and organizations that are using fraudulent climate chaos claims to control energy use, transform the U.S. and global economic systems, and redistribute the world’s wealth.

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May free speech reign and scientific inquiry prevail

It never ceases to amaze! Leftist attorneys general - all likely members of the American Civil Liberties Union - have conspired to deprive climate skeptics of their freedom of speech -- and freedom to challenge the unproven (and often disproven) claims of "climate change" (formerly known as "global warming") activists (who openly admit that gaining total control over the world economy, NOT fixing the climate, is their true goal). The obvious reason? People are wise enough to believe the skeptics that their climate overlords are liars, and the truth cannot get in the way of their unprecedented power grab.

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Finally, courage to counterpunch the green bullies

Resolute Forest Products, after initially going along with Greenpeace and its green allies who sought to put most of Canada's boreal forests off limits to logging, has begun to fight back, given that Greenpeace continued its campaign to bankrupt the company even after it signed onto the crippling deal. Resolute has filed lawsuits against Greenpeace in both the U.S. and Canada.

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Billionaire’s Club funds climate crisis propaganda

An elite club of old and new money billionaires has created a subterranean, interlocking network of nonprofit organizations, foundations, and government bureaucrats to control both the funding and the "spin" on high-level environmental topics, including climate change. Even if they do not succeed in shutting down the energy industry (and more), their efforts provide a stiff headwind against human progress.

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Climate alarm skeptics defend constitutional liberties

The Left in America no longer makes even the slightest pretense of following the U.S. Constitution. Instead, they have undertaken a very public conspiracy to deprive opponents of their fraudulent schemes that include massive transfers of taxpayer dollars to crony, doomed to fail corporations using the RICO statute. One wonders why no state attorney general has not already initiated a RICO investigation against this climate cabal? They are the ones profiting from climate hysteria.

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RICO for government climate deniers?

Throwing the First Amendment down the toilet, 17 state attorneys general (Democrats) have conspired to conduct an Inquisition against climate realists in order to protect the $1.5 trillion climate crisis industry from being exposed as a total fraud on the world's population -- one that is responsible for energy poverty in Africa that takes countless lives, a growing energy poverty in Europe that is killing tens of thousands, and so many more dire consequences. Having lost the battle to attack the credibility of dissenting scientists, the plan now is just to lock them up or fine them and disallow any public exposition of their research. This plan is not going to work, promises CFACT's Paul Driessen and coauthor Ron Arnold.

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Democrats seek to prosecute climate chaos skeptics with RICO

It’s been a rough stretch for Climate Armageddon religionists and totalitarians. Real World science, climate, and weather events just don’t support their manmade cataclysm narrative. The horrid consequences of anti-fossil-fuel energy policies are increasingly in the news. And despite campaigns by the $1.5-trillion-per-year government-industry-activist-scientific Climate Crisis Consortium, Americans consistently rank global warming at the very bottom of their serious concerns. But instead of debating their critics, or marshaling a more persuasive, evidence-based case that we really do face a manmade climate catastrophe, alarmists have ramped up their shrill rhetoric, imposed more anti-hydrocarbon edicts by executive fiat and unratified treaty – and [...]

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A new strategy for tax cheats

The EPA and other Obama Administration agencdies pay out millions to those who review their work and then refuse to let even Congress see the results of the alleged research. Michael Mann got away with hiding the results of his own research from state government officials. All this and more to falsely convict carbon dioxide of causing climate calamity and then virtually ban the use of fossil fuels. This sham must stop.

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‘Martin Act’ targets ExxonMobil for phony climate alarm

The New York Attorney General is using an obscure 1921 law -- originally aimed at stock-sale fraud -- to attack ExxonMobil with threats of prison time for its principals. Some Democratic Congress members have demanded a Securities and Exchange Commission and Justice Department investigation of ExxonMobil in much the same way they went after the tobacco industry in the 1990s, and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D, RI) wants a RICO investigation of the company. The only problem: the "Crime" they want ExxonMobil prosecuted for never happened except in the twisted minds of the would-be judges and juries.

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Bonn update: Bypassing, fiddling, and jail

The French foreign minister confirmed that the UN is crafting a global warming agreement for Obama to sign "without going to the Congress." Government bureaucrats fiddle with temperature data. Senator Whitehouse proposes using RICO statute to jail climate realists. Between now and Paris, we’re in for a wild propaganda ride.

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