EPA leads in open science

Many researchers (or their institutions) are likely to want their work to be EPA usable, even if EPA does not fund it. They will then adopt usability practices from the beginning, which may be a new way of doing research. This is exactly what the open science movement is calling for.

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No more secret science at EPA!

EPA will stop relying on "secret science" in its rule-making process and enter a new era of transparency under a new regulation Administrator Pruitt unveiled at EPA headquarters.

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EPA ruled by cherry-picking junk science

Mounting evidence that the EPA falsifies and misconstrues evidence and ignores contrary scientific studies in order to justify its outrageous, harmful regulations. CFACT analyst Larry Bell says the time has come to regelate the EPA to the boneyard and return environmental decision making to state regulators.

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EPA’s Tower of Pisa policies

As dangerous as current EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and her former colleague Al Amendariz were, recent revelations indicate that two other EPA officials -- convicted felon John Beale and Robert Brenner -- may have been much worse. The pair concocted the sue-and-settle scheme that provides virtual kickbacks to "friendly" plaintiffs. They also manipulated scientific studies and even authorized illegal experiments on human test subjects to "justify" extremely stringent EPA regulations that slow or reverse business development -- and now the EPA claims it cannot find the scientific data upon which some major job-killing rules were supposedly based.

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