A better climate at State

State Department bureaucrats hoping to outlast the President, or do an end run around him to keep America in the Paris Climate Accord, just lost a great deal of ground. That's good news for those of us who care about sound science and constructive energy policies.

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Trumping the State Department

Former Reagan Administration official Scot Faulkner lauds President Trump's and Secretary of State Tillerson's plans to overhaul the U.S. State Department, which he calls not only one of the most bloated bureaucracies but also one of the least effective -- largely because of the internationalist -- almost anti-American -- attitude that prevails among senior officials. USAID alone has wasted over a trillion dollars on enriching dictators and useless projects that have not produced lasting results. It is way past time to clean house.

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RICO for government climate deniers?

Throwing the First Amendment down the toilet, 17 state attorneys general (Democrats) have conspired to conduct an Inquisition against climate realists in order to protect the $1.5 trillion climate crisis industry from being exposed as a total fraud on the world's population -- one that is responsible for energy poverty in Africa that takes countless lives, a growing energy poverty in Europe that is killing tens of thousands, and so many more dire consequences. Having lost the battle to attack the credibility of dissenting scientists, the plan now is just to lock them up or fine them and disallow any public exposition of their research. This plan is not going to work, promises CFACT's Paul Driessen and coauthor Ron Arnold.

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Build the Keystone pipeline, already!

CFACT Senior Policy Analyst Paul Driessen suggests that President Obama's State of the Union address -- in particular, his promise to bring back jobs -- will be meaningless, bloviating nonsense if he does not approve construction of the Keystone Pipeline -- the nation's number one shovel-ready project. The State Department has once again given the pipeline project a green light -- and all but the Greens are on board. It's time to put up or shut up talking about helping the U.S. economy.

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Canadian oil already “spilling” into the U.S.

Environmentalists mistakenly think that blocking the Keystone pipeline will prevent crude oil, derived from Canada’s oil sands, from being extracted and from being conveyed into the U.S. to be refined into gasoline, asphalt, and other products that are important to the transportation and manufacturing sectors. Their ultimate goal is to stop all development of the Canadian resource. The Canadian oil spilled as a result of a recent train derailment in Minnesota highlights their misguided efforts.

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