Losses outweigh gains on electric cars

A battery package for a medium size electrical vehicle costs more than $13,000 – equivalent to the material cost of an entire gas-fueled compact car – and they can require 8 hours to recharge. Then there's the subsidies.

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Energy storage isn’t ready for wide deployment

By Todd Royal When understanding and examining energy storage for wide-scale, societal deployment that is scalable, affordable and reliable needs to include these factors: energy security, renewable power production and cyber security. At this time energy storage doesn’t meet any of these criteria.

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“Green”—the status symbol the affluent can afford that costs the poor

Researchers have found that some buyers are willing to pay for environmentally friendly products because those products are “status symbols.” A report in  The Atlantic states: “Environmentally friendly behaviors typically go unseen; there's no public glory in shortened showers or diligent recycling. But when people can use their behavior to broadcast their own goodness, their incentives shift. The people who buy Priuses and solar panels still probably care about the environment—it’s just that researchers have found that a portion of their motivation might come from a place of self-promotion, much like community service does good and fits on a résumé.” With [...]

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Tesla’s “success,” a great example of how government regulations manipulate markets

Just about the ONLY people in America who like electric cars are government regulators (who likely do not own them) and companies like Tesla, whose only real (sic) profits come from energy credits that add to consumer costs for other vehicles. The bugbear is the ridiculous 54.5 mpg fuel standard created by the Obama Administration with little regard for the pocketbooks of ordinary Americans. It could get worse -- the government may one day disallow the purchase of gasoline-powered vehicles.

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