A serious climate opportunity

Greg Walcher, a former secretary of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, argues that forests provide the world’s greatest resource for cleaning CO2 out of the atmosphere. Rotting and fires themselves emit greenhouse gases, but atmospheric CO2 makes all plants grow faster and better and with improved tolerance to drought. Thus, it is vital that the U.S. must reverse policies that oppose logging, tree thinning, and other management necessary for healthy forests.

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Is this any way to treat the job creators?

Energy expert Marita Noon notes that the U.S. economy has an awful record for jobs creation under President Obama, and gives "kudos" to the President and the U.S. Forest Service for their work in keeping people out of work -- whether it is the long-delayed Keystone Pipeline project or the FInley Basin Exploration Projecty in Montana, the strategy is delay, delay, delay -- so they cannot be blamed for saying No but will never say Yes.

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Feds “save” spotted owls by killing barred owls

Radical environmentalists, including many who see humans as a plague upon the Earth, have succeeded in nearly totally destroying the logging industry in the Pacific Northwest, and they used the spotted owl as their primary weapon. Now the government is killing barred owls -- the spotted owl's larger cousin, the barred owl, which had been migrating westward into spotted owl territory. This is something akin to the NLRB outlawing football players over 250 pounds so that smaller, weaker would-be players have a better chance at making a team.

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