Global warming? Washington should find the courage to do nothing

President Obama avoided global warming throughout the long presidential campaign, but it reemerged in his victory and inaugural speeches like a nasty surprise from a Trojan horse.

Just as the rest of the world is discovering the painful folly of climate politics, the President suddenly wants to go further. Alternative energy experiments have put the brakes on the economies of Spain and Germany, while becoming a growth industry for Italian organized crime.

The UN’s DOHA agreement was only able to sign on about 30 countries that would keep the Kyoto protocol, mostly so that they can keep carbon trading and alternative subsidies going, but with no one realistically expecting to alter the climate. Over 130 nations said they would agree only if they were exempted from UN climate mandates and would be on the receiving side of redistributed wealth. Russia, Canada and Japan bowed out of Kyoto altogether. China and India insist on being exempted from UN restrictions and intend to expand their economies as rapidly as possible, while welcoming any competitive advantage they can obtain by reigning the rest of us in.

Our own Senate wouldn’t ratify the Kyoto protocol and President Bush would not send it for further action.

President Obama could not even pass Cap & Trade when his party controlled both houses of Congress.

President Obama’s alternative strategy of using the EPA and other agencies to wage a backdoor war on carbon energy through misdirection and pretext, robs the people and their elected representatives, who would not support these restrictions voluntarily, of their constitutional prerogatives. Green movement radicals have always been at their core, fundamentally anti-democratic.

Observational science just isn’t there for global warming extremism. The UK’s Met Office data shows no warming for the past 16 years. NOAA’s data shows any warming there may have been, has been confined to only three quarters of a degree. How much (if any) of that little bit of warming is due to your over the top car driving, air traveling, warm single family home lifestyle is more than debatable.

What should Washington due about warming? Harken to Hippocrates and “first, do no harm.” From CFACT’s considered perspective, Washington should find the courage to do nothing.

This article originally appeared in the National Journal.



About the Author: Craig Rucker

Craig Rucker is president and co-founder of CFACT.

  1. Hey Stone Age Man: Get a new life and quit spreading your half truths and other bigger lies about the reality of global warming. Go talk to a Polar Bear if you want the truth.

    • klem

      Huh? They can’t be thriving, don’t you remember the pictures of polar bear clinging to the last bit of iceburg? It made the whole world cry…sniff…

    • klem

      The IPCC is just a single department in the UN’s FCCC spider web. The FCCC’s REDD global land grab program is an abomination and an outrage. But our MSM is silent about it.

  2. I like Hippocrates here. There must be some real scientists with liberal credentials who can get through to this very rational president and clue him in to the fact that the global warmers- climate changers are a religious sect promoting “solutions” to a non-problem, when we have so many real problems which liberals should be working on. There is nothing liberal about the contemporary green movement. They are reactionaries and closet Luddites.

  3. Bartender

    Yes, it was a bit of a nasty surprise coming from that ‘TROJAN’, but what do you expect from a lamed President who is unwittingly robbing his people of their liberty and the American Dream. The President talks about transparency but remained ambiguous to all the science available to him, ‘real data’. It is very sad to see America being slowly taken apart by the hardcore ‘unhinged’ radicals. America is at its lowest level since the 1930’s I am frightened that America will not see the light of hope, freedom and free enterprise unless America turnaround and shout down the ‘green crackers’ out of the White-house for good.

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