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Using free markets to change the world.


Can the world reduce global poverty while at the same time better care for the natural world? CFACT believes the answer to this question is a resounding “yes!”

By employing the principles of free markets, private property rights, and technological innovation CFACT is showcasing, with its various projects around the world, that humanity can vastly improve its living standards while also fostering a thriving, healthy environment.

Through CFACT’s ever-growing “Stewardship in Action” program, entrepreneurs are empowered, animals are protected, reliable clean drinking water is provided, the environment is made cleaner, and so much more.

Join CFACT in its mission and help make a difference to the world around you!

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505, 2022

CFACT sponsors poultry farm in Uganda

As part of CFACT's international Stewardship in Action program, CFACT helped fund a new poultry farm in Uganda to help a local entrepreneur, Namunganga Angel Barbra, and support the local economy.

2204, 2017

Solar ovens and sustained poverty for Africa

Ugandan activist Steven Lyazi argues that, while wind and solar and biomass energy do provide some relief for many Africans, they are not true substitutes for round-the-clock reliable energy such as is found in First World countries with electric power grids fueled by coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy -- all of which are in abundant supply in various African nations. Westerners tend to think it is just fine for Africans to live in poverty, especially energy poverty, while they enjoy the benefits of a fossil- and nuclear-fuel economy.

2204, 2017

Green energy poverty week

April 22 is Earth Day, the March for Science, and Lenin’s birthday (which many say is appropriate, since environmentalism is now green on the outside and red, anti-­free enterprise on the inside). April 29 will [...]

2103, 2011

I have a dream for a prosperous Uganda

By Cyril BoynesI am of a Christian background. However, one of my favorite people was Jewish, and another is Muslim.The Jewish man was business professor and author Julian Simon. He taught that people are the [...]

1308, 2010

Empowering the poor in the Yucatan jungle

By Duggan FlanakinIn the heart of the Yucatan jungle lies the village of Becan, where CFACT recently sent a team to make a documentary film that demonstrates the principles of economic empowerment.   CFACT developed these [...]

907, 2010

CFACT team revisits Valle Verde, Mexico

CFACT Director of Policy Research Duggan Flanakin recently lead a five-person team on a journey through Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.   The first stop along the way was the City of Joy Foundation (Fundacion Ciudad de la [...]

3003, 2010

Promoting entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation in Uganda

The U.N. and other liberal planners promoting so-called “sustainable development” may still believe that global socialism, a greatly reduced world population, and maybe a few solar panels on huts are all that’s needed for an [...]

2901, 2010

CFACT continues their mission in Cancun

CFACT recently returned from Quintano Roo, Mexico. This time, CFACT at the University of Texas-Austin went down with 7 laptops and solar panels, prepared to help better lives and give people a future. Students learned why the way CFACT does 3rd world development is a far more effective way of creating change and helping people than the way the left does.

209, 2009

CFACT Eco-Summit in Valle Verde, Mexico

By Christina WilsonCFACT Collegians traveled to Cancun, Mexico for its annual Eco Summit.  It sounds glamorous doesn’t it - bright lights, blue water, white beaches and fun in the sun? Not for CFACT.  Students from [...]

2702, 2009

CFACT’s Field Trip to Mexico

CFACT recently completed a development project in Valle Verde, Mexico.  CFACT partnered with a coalition of relief organizations to provide local residents with solar panels, recycled laptops, and basic computer training. […]

512, 2007

New hope for sustainable development

Second of a two-part series After 20 years, it should be clear that the Brundtland Commission’s goal of meeting people’s basic needs has not been met in sub-Saharan Africa. Since the 1960's, sub-Saharan African nations [...]

111, 2007

Pressing toward a sustainable future

When the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT)was first founded back in 1985, we had little idea that 22 years later we would be in the middle of the fight for economic freedom for the [...]

2410, 2007

Video: CFACT’s Adopt-A-Village Project

At CFACT, we're working in local villages in impoverished countries to promote entrepreneurship and technological advance enjoyed by affluent countries, and ultimately achieve environmental and economic prosperity worldwide. Why? We all know these are crucial [...]

2212, 2005

CFACT 2005: Year in Review

A college student in Wisconsin.  An impoverished farmer in Mexico.  A radio listener in San Jose.  A parliament member in Brussels.  An internet reader in St. Louis.  A rancher in rural Idaho. What do they [...]

1409, 2004