New York State’s energy future: Lighting candles?
Climate change policy now governs everything in the state of New York.
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2006, 2019

It’s the sun stupid

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Most of the periodic temperature increases and decreases observed in human history are consistent with variations in the output of energy from our Sun.

1906, 2019

Biden goes “Green”

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Biden’s copycat Green makeover, like its recent predecessors, is a wish-list of initiatives that are unnecessary, will not impact the trajectory of the earth’s climate, and thus amounts to a colossal waste of money.

1806, 2019

Saving elk with coal mine reclamation

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Gabriella Hoffman interviews Leon Boyd and his volunteers who have been working to make reclaimed coal fields in Virginia suitable habitat for growing numbers of elk.

1706, 2019

Turbine trouble

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It is expensive, heavily subsidized (a hidden tax), unreliable, causes negative health impacts, kills large birds of prey and bats and can be maddening to people who live nearby. They're bad for the military too.