2609, 2022

The Great Food Reset

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Will the public just accept the goal of the Great Reset: “You will own nothing and you will be happy”? It’s time for the Great Reject. Rise up and defy the Great Reset.

2409, 2022

Woke ESG lending borrows from Beijing social control

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Some of us remain stubbornly resistant to delegating personal investment decisions critical to our security and family well-being to insanely powerful government agencies, institutions, lobbies and corporations that purport to know and champion our best interests.

2309, 2022

CFACT official comment to EPA on Atrazine

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CFACT is concerned that EPA is mixing good, properly conducted scientific studies (that show minimal atrazine risk to aquatic plant species) with poorly conducted, largely meaningless studies that combine inadequate data, satellite imagery, statewide crop and atrazine use data, computer models, laboratory evaluations, algorithms, extrapolations and best guesses, along with irrelevant toxicity studies of non-aquatic plant species that were tested for high-level exposure to atrazine-based products.

1909, 2022

CFACT president warns against ESG at Doctors for Disaster Preparedness meeting

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Rucker went on to explain that there are three theories on the purpose behind companies' use of ESG.