Hurricane Barry: Humans the solution, not the cause
Human ingenuity and progress are positives, not negatives, when dealing with environmental disasters such as Hurricane Barry. CFACT's Graham Beduze was there....
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1907, 2019

Heat wave hype

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Weather and climate are not  the same.  We are experiencing weather.  The Earth has experienced around a half degree of warming, almost entirely last century.  It's too little to meaningfully feel, let alone to account for a 100 degree July day. 

1707, 2019

Food from thin air?

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A new kind of food made from electricity, water, and air has been invented that could completely revolutionize how we understand food.

1407, 2019

Socialists’ weapon of choice: Climate alarmism

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Speaking in 2010, IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer offered some clear advice to all of us: "One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. Instead, climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth ."

1207, 2019

Recycling plastic lids into prosthetic limbs

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Tim Miller has energized not only his family, but also a whole community to undertake the collection of plastic lids to turn them into brightly colored limbs for child amputees.