Another day, another blow to transportation freedom
Despite all the talk of “sustainability” and “fighting climate change,” the EV revolution is not sustainable....
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1308, 2022

A history lesson ahead of Biden’s Green New Tax

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BY LARRY BEHRENS: “The thing I’m proudest of that we were able to get done in the first term was the Recovery Act. It had $90 billion in clean-energy programs.” -Vice President Joe Biden, May 9, 2013. 

508, 2022

Don’t think there is a Meteo misinformation media? Consider 1936.

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Look at this little ditty: "An EPA analysis compiled from 1895 through 2015 ranks 1936 as the worst on record, with an index value of 1.255. The hottest year in recent decades, 2011, has an index of 0.285. In 1936, some areas experienced 22 heatwave days and maximum temperature anomalies that exceeded 6 degrees Celsius."