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CFACT catches Greta Thunberg’s paparazzi-filled entrance to COP 25

After crossing the Atlantic ocean on two plastic yachts, and proving conclusively that sailing is not the future of world travel, Greta Thunberg finally arrived at COP 25. CFACT was there and took video of the mob of paparazzi surrounding Greta who is the biggest thing at the conference this year.  COP 25 should be renames Greta-fest 2019.

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Thankful for freedom’s abundance

Hundreds of millions of Americans will share a turkey dinner on the same night at a price anyone can afford. This massive successful exercise in logistics brought to you not by government planning and decree, but by free exchange. Freedom nurtures. Be thankful!

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All electric? Watch now

BY MARK MATHIS: In Berkeley California, the City Council has voted to ban natural gas in all new low-rise residential buildings. This bad idea is spreading to other parts of the country.

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Signs from NYC “Youth Climate Strike” reveal true agenda

CFACT was on the ground at the New York City "Youth Climate Strike", capturing photos and videos of the radical agenda harbored by the climate activists. Here are just a few of the signs and banners held by the marchers; each of them showing this strike had nothing to do with actually cleaning up the planet.

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