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Collateral damage from the Green New Deal

Let’s say that the Green New Dealers somehow manage to get Congress and a President to accept their socialist dreams. Then what? If GND passes, there is going to be a lot of collateral damage. Landscapes will be damaged, there will be massive cuts to the U.S. military, and angry citizens upset about government overreach may choose to riot. How can the Green New Deal “visionaries” not see what is right in front of their faces? WATCH NOW

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Sorry kids — The next energy alternative is not here, yet

BY RON STEIN: Until we find that alternate energy, the magical elixir that replaces current reliable energy sources, we will have to admit EVERY industry and infrastructure that relies on energy from the deep earth minerals/fuels to “move things and make thousands of products” in support of global economies are increasing their usage each year of those energy sources, not decreasing it.

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60 Minutes climate softball

“60 Minutes” used to be known for hard-hitting journalism. But when it comes to climate change alarmism, the news magazine show becomes a promoter of the cause. On March 3, 2019, Steve Kroft lobbed softball after softball to his interviewees without even bothering to engage in critical examination. What would Andy Rooney think?

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