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Gabriella Hoffman is a Media Strategist and Award-Winning Outdoor Writer. She hosts the "District of Conservation" podcast and CFACT's original YouTube series "Conservation Nation." Learn more about her work at

EP 106: Bill Cooksey, Sportsmen Outreach Director at Vanishing Paradise

  In Episode 106 of District of Conservation, Gabriella spoke to Bill Cooksey. Bill is a Sportsmen Outreach Coordinator at Vanishing Paradise, a project of National Wildlife Federation and Ducks Unlimited started in 2009 to advocate for restoration of the Mississippi River Delta. From meeting with legislators at the state Capitol to connecting outdoor industry leaders to the conservation movement, they are educating on the issue of coastal restoration in duck blinds, out on the water and in D.C. — and everywhere in between. Here's more on Bill's background: From his earliest memories in the river bottoms of West Tennessee, Bill’s [...]

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EP 105: Michael Shellenberger of Environmental Progress

In Episode 105 of District of Conservation, Gabriella Hoffman spoke to Michael Shellenberger—bestselling author and founder & president of Environmental Progress.  Shellenberger came on to discuss his book, Apocalypse Never, his work with Environmental Progress, why he changed his mind on renewable energy, why he advocates for nuclear energy, the truth about wildfires out West and what the future of environmentalism looks like.   Listen below WATCH   Subscribe to the podcast.  Environmental Progress Website.  Follow Mike on Twitter.    Buy Apocalypse Now Get tickets for Climate Hustle 2.   Credit: Zoom/Michael Shellenberger

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EP 104: Four Federal Environmental & Conservation Updates to Be Aware Of

In Episode 104 of District of Conservation, Gabriella discussed four key policy updates across the environmental and conservation space. ENVIRONMENT: Trump's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) being praised by environmentalists for Superfund Clean-up and the establishment of the new Office of Mountains, Deserts and Plains to address abandoned mines and clean-up.  CONSERVATION: The news that USFWS will fully delist the biologically recovered gray wolf in the Lower-48 by year's end and the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works deliberated S. 614 (Grizzly Bear State Management Act of 2019).  Listen below: ### Subscribe to District of Conservation.Chip in to support [...]

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EP 103: Biden vs. Trump: Who’s Better for True Conservationists?

In Episode 103 of District of Conservation, Gabriella compares the 2020 candidates on the issues of Second Amendment rights, hunting, fishing, wildlife conservation, land management, public lands access, and more. She dissects and assesses Joe Biden's proposals on firearms and conservation issues against President Donald Trump's record. Is it better? Is Trump terrible on public lands issues and the environment as reported? Is Biden offering something new or largely borrowing from the Trump Administration? You, the listener, can decide for yourself.     SHOW NOTES Sportsmen for Trump | Sportsmen for Biden & alleged Trump failures regarding sportsmen and [...]

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EP 102: Capt. Josh Saunders of Peake Tide Fishing, Red Drum Whisperer

In Episode 102 of District of Conservation, Gabriella recounts her recent red drum fishing trip with Captain Joshua Saunders of Peake Tide Fishing. Josh launched his fishing charter in 2014. During season, he splits his time between Hampton, Virginia, in the Peninsula and his home base of Kilmarnock in Northern Neck. Although she hooked-up a bull red and it got away, there's still many a fish tale to tell. Josh worked very hard to help put Gabriella on the board and the fish didn't cooperate, despite having success catching them earlier in the week. But guess what? That's okay. Anglers must [...]

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EP 101: Jenny Anderson from ‘Girl of 10,000 Lakes’

In Episode 101 of District of Conservation, Gabriella speaks with former journalist and outdoor content creator Jenny Anderson, who runs the Girl from 10,000 Lakes blog. Jenny was born in Korea and immigrated to the USA as a child. She also serves as a WSI Sports pro staffer (like our host). She talked about her journey in the outdoor industry and what makes her tick. She chatted how she picked up fishing and most recently hunting on her own since she didn’t grow up with these activities. You don't want to miss this convo! Girl From 10,000 Lakes Website Meet Jenny [...]

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EP 100: We’ve Hit Episodes! Plus: a Preview of Season 3

In Episode 100 of District of Conservation, Gabriella expressed her gratitude to listeners, clarified the mission of the podcast, and previewed what people can expect in Season 3, which will debut on September 8th. Leave a review for District of Conservation Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Twitter

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EP 99: Jeff Angers of Center for Sportfishing Policy

In Episode 99 of District of Conservation, Gabriella spoke to Center for Sportfishing Policy president Jeff Angers. Here's more about the organization: The Center for Sportfishing Policy’s role is to affect public policy related to the conservation of marine resources with broad abilities to pursue political solutions. The organization is non-partisan and focuses on having an impact in the national political arena, principally Congress and federal regulatory agencies. The Center is organized under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code; accordingly, donations are not tax deductible. Additionally, the Center has established the Center for Sportfishing Policy Political Action Committee (Center PAC), so [...]