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David Wojick, Ph.D. is an independent analyst working at the intersection of science, technology and policy. For origins see http://www.stemed.info/engineer_tackles_confusion.html For over 100 prior articles for CFACT see http://www.cfact.org/author/david-wojick-ph-d/ Available for confidential research and consulting.

CFACT’s saturation bombing of COP 24

CFACT's intense coverage of the COP 24 UN climate summit in Katowice, Poland was by far the most extensive of any I have seen and I have seen a lot. (Disclosure: this includes my articles, but there were may others as well.) The sidebar on the French protests against alarmist carbon taxes was especially timely.

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Green wave staggers U.S. power utilities

Generating utilities are proposing to go way beyond adding capacity. They also want to shut down perfectly good generators, to make room for a huge buildup of wind and solar (plus battery storage). A recipe for disaster.

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