BBC’s Sir Attenborough: “We are a plague on the Earth”

Are humans a plague on the Earth? Most people probably don’t think so. But at least one leading environmentalist, Sir David Attenborough of England, believes we are. And his reason? That we humans are threatening the extinction of every other species by using up all of the world’s resources. As reported in London’s Daily Telegraph, Sir Attenborough, who is a television presenter on the BBC, said that governments everywhere need to spend more money on sex education and voluntary family planning – particularly in the developing world where he believes there are just too many people. Hmmmm, one wonders if Sir Attenborough considers himself a part of this worrisome human plague.


About the Author: Craig Rucker

Craig Rucker is president and co-founder of CFACT.

  1. piperlord

    Why don’t these diabolical’s practice what they propose to believe/preach/impose on others who don’t and go ahead and off! Themselves? Are they not human. I think they are thee biggest liars EVER to step foot on my planet Earth. Just saying.

    • cremaster

      Because they are the privileged ones, like Communist party members. Everybody else must pay the price.

      Just saying.(No need to apologise for your comment)

  2. cremaster

    the “plague” on this earth is the BBC, Attenborough’s paymasters. They are, to a man (And Woman!) brain damaged liberals.

    • J.P. Katigbak

      Yes, I agree that the so-called “plague” on earth is the BBC, which is the paymasters on the part of David Attenborough. They are, to both a man and a woman, brain-damaged liberal socialist ideologues and advocates of democratic republicanism.

      I wonder how did they manage to produce such a program like Attenborough’s show? – J.P.K.

  3. J.P. Katigbak

    The socialist ideology itself remains a bane to various societies and economies.

    In the US, there are regulations that are too numerous, too Draconian, and too politically correct to meaningfully solve perceived and real problems. Any more proof of the ideological motives behind them?

    Do not forget to be warned about political correctness as always. – J.P.K.

  4. Jean Guinot , Costs Rica

    Sir Attenborough, Based on public comments following your article ” We are a plague on the Earth” , it is obvious that no one seems to agree with the whole point of your article which is “OVERPOPULATION” . We humans are now the largest predators on the planet and as we deserve , also to ourself . I do agree with you on ” World wide mandatory birth control” Not volontary ! It is the only way and like it or not: IT WILL HAPPEN VERY SOON !

  5. grasshopper

    Accusing Attenborough of beeing a socialist or communist is a bit of a joke. Attenborough makes a scientifically valid point, he does not actually force anyone to do anything. There are more conservative “imposing” laws on this planet than others. Unfortunately I do not read any scientific critisism in this post (which would actually be interesting) just some conservatives ranting on, trying to impose their worldview on others.

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