New report: Obesity promotes global warming

You’ve heard that being overweight can lead to diabetes and high blood pressure, but how about global warming? Probably not, but in a peculiar new study published in the Journal of Epidemiology some researchers actually proposed such a bizarre linkage. According to these scientists, since growing and transporting food generates about a fifth of all manmade greenhouse gases, then the more each individual eats – the more he or she will contribute to rising emissions. The obvious implication, of course, is that since fat people eat more than lean ones, then they pose more of a threat to the climate. Hmmm, one wonders if some pounds could be shed if certain scientists quit serving the public such global-lony.


About the Author: Craig Rucker

Craig Rucker is president and co-founder of CFACT.

  1. Richard

    The more bizarre these studies become the more the population will shake its head in disbelief.

    I notice Al gore has been piling on the pounds, no cycling for him , just jets, jacuzzis, limos and massage.

  2. GuarionexSandoval

    But since fat people are found mostly in rich countries that have extremely high levels of productivity, since skinny people are found mostly in countries that have extremely low levels of productivity, since poverty-associated skinniness is associated with a higher level of mortality at an earlier age and, throughout generations, is associated with a higher incidence of diseases and conditions arising from inadequate organ and tissue development in utero, and since poverty-associated skinniness codistributes with higher child mortality and higher birth rate, the fatness of a rich nation, rather than contributing to an increased threat of “global warming” (and other related nonsense), is actually representative of a conservation of resources because one of those “obese” people in Western industrialized nations will be able to accomplish more per pound/year than several dozen skinny people in poor, underdeveloped countries.

    Besides, the dirtiest places on earth happen to be found in the same places that have the most human rights abuses, the most corruption, and the shortest life spans. If anyone wants to improve the environment, he should encourage rapid development of these regions into modern industrialized societies and help the populace to overthrow their corrupt, authoritarian governments.

  3. Gaucho

    They left out how obese people are more likely to drive to the corner store instead of walking.

  4. Neusa Correa

    Don’t fat people also sequester more of the dreaded CO2? The obesity is the new green.

  5. Eckenhuijsen Smit

    By the second those ignorant idiots get more laughable, the more so as CO2 is NO cause for Global Warming nor for Climate Change as been proven by REAL scientists!

  6. Brian

    So, let’s all head to the gym and workout. Start jogging, outdoors. Oh wait…all that exhaling will jack up the CO2, right? Has anybody ever checked the CO2 level in a gym at peak hours? “Working Out will Promote Climate Change, Global Warming”

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