EPA and IPCC: America’s greatest environmental threats

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Numerous articles document how European climate policies have been disastrous for affordable energy, economic growth, entire industries, people’s jobs and welfare, wildlife habitats and human lives. Even the IPCC, the BBC and The Economist have finally recognized that average global temperatures have not budged since 1997. The EU economy is teetering at the precipice, people are outraged at the duplicity and the price they have been made to pay, the Euro Parliament has voted to end subsidies for its Emissions Trading Scheme, and the global warming and renewable energy false façade is slowly crumbling.

Ignoring this, alarmist scientists, eco activists and government bureaucrats are meeting yet again – first in Bonn, Germany, on June 3-14 for the 38th meeting of UN climate treaty promoters and wordsmiths, then in Warsaw, Poland, on November 11-22 for 19th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. They are determined to hammer out a new treaty, demanding more restrictions on fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions, before the tide turns even more inexorably against them.

Meanwhile, in the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency is issuing more anti-hydrocarbon regulations and more statements detailing the horrors caused by “dangerous man-made climate change.”

Two points must be kept uppermost: the global warming “disasters” exist only in computer models, Hollywood movies and alarmist assertions; and the “preventative measures” are worse than the disasters.

The issue is not whether greenhouse gases “contribute to” climate change. Scientists acknowledge that. The only relevant issues are: how big a contribution; whether these gases now dominate planetary climate variation, supplanting the solar, atmospheric, oceanic and other forces that have warmed and cooled our Earth throughout its history; and whether human GHG/CO2 emissions will cause dangerous climate changes that are unprecedented or worse than those mankind has confronted since time immemorial.

No evidence supports EPA or the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change positions on these issues.

Average planetary temperatures have not budged in 16 years, even as atmospheric levels of plant-fertilizing CO2 have climbed steadily. For many areas, the past winter was among the coldest in decades, and the U.S.and U.K.  just recorded one their coldest springs on record. The frequency and severity of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts are no different from observed trends and cycles over the last century. The year 2012 set records for the fewest strong tornadoes since 1954 and the number of years with no category 3 or higher hurricane making U.S. landfall. Arctic climate and sea ice are within a few percentage points of their “normal” levels for the past 50 years. The rate of sea level rise is not accelerating.

These facts, and many others, completely contradict computer model predictions and alarmist claims. Moreover, as Climategate and numerous studies have shown, the “science” behind EPA’s ruling that carbon dioxide “endangers” human health and welfare is conjectural, manufactured, manipulated, comical and even fraudulent. Here are just a few of numerous examples of dangerous “climatism” at work.

The EPA and IPCC insist they rely entirely on scholarly peer-reviewed source material. However, fully 30% of the papers and other references cited in the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) were not peer reviewed; many IPCC “lead authors” were graduate students or environmental activists; and many sources were actually master’s degree theses or even anecdotal statements by hikers and mountain guides.

The IPCC claimed Himalayan glaciers would “disappear by the year 2035,” depriving communities in the region of water. This assertion was based on a World Wildlife Fund press release, which was based on a non-peer-reviewed article in a popular science magazine – which was based on an email from a single glaciologist, who later admitted his prediction was pure “speculation.” The IPCC lead author in charge of this section subsequently said he had included the Himalayan glacier meltdown in AR4 – despite his knowing of its false pedigree – because he thought highlighting it would “encourage” policy makers and politicians “to take concrete action” on global warming.

Almost 90% of National Weather Service climate-monitoring stations relied on by the IPCC and EPA to prove “unprecedented” warming were placed too close to air conditioning exhaust vents, blacktop and other heat sources. The heat contamination caused the stations to report higher than actual temperatures.

Claims that 97% of scientists or peer-reviewed climate science papers “agree that humans are causing global warming” are just as false or manufactured. The oft-cited consensus just doesn’t exist.

EPA is using this junk science to justify actions that will be devastating for Americans. The agency is supposed to protect our environment, health and welfare. Instead, it “safeguards” us from exaggerated or illusory risks, and issues regulations that endanger our health, well-being and wildlife far more than any reasonably foreseeable effects from climate change.

EPA trumpets the benefits that GHG/CO2 regulations will supposedly bring, by preventing illusory and exaggerated climate change disasters. However, it ignores the enormous adverse impacts that GHG rules will have on people’s health, well-being, life spans, environmental justice and environment.

As anti-fossil fuel mandates put EPA in control of nearly everything Americans make, ship, eat and do, fuel and regulatory compliance costs will increase. Companies will be forced to outsource work to other countries, reduce work forces, shift people to part-time status, or close their doors. Poor and minority families will be unable to heat and cool their homes properly, pay the rent or mortgage, buy clothing and medicine, take vacations, pay their bills, give to charity, or save for college and retirement.

Reduced nutrition and medical checkups, along with the stress of being unemployed or involuntarily holding two or more low-paying part-time jobs, also lead to greater risk of strokes and heart attacks, and higher incidences of depression, alcohol, spousal and child abuse, and suicide. New 54.5 mpg fuel efficiency standards will force more people into smaller, lighter, less safe cars – causing thousands of needless additional serious injuries and deaths every year.

Regulators and environmentalist groups have given heavily subsidized wind turbine operators a free pass, allowing them to slaughter millions of birds and bats every year – including bald and golden eagles, hawks, condors and whooping cranes. Rain forests and other wildlife habitats are being cut down, so that “innovators” can produce $50-per-gallon biofuels, to replace oil and natural gas that the world still has in abundance and could easily produce with conventional, enhanced and fracking technologies.

U.S. forests are also being chopped down – to fuel electricity generation in Europe, where regulations prohibit both fossil fuels and tree cutting, but promote subsidized “renewable” energy. So American trees and wetland/forest habitats are being turned into wood pellets for shipment to Britain and other EU countries: 1.9 million tons of pellets in 2012, to burn in power plants that consumed over 7 million tons of wood last year and expect to double that by 2020. It’s insane. It’s not sustainable or ecological.

Climatologist Patrick Michaels wonders, “Would the IPCC, U.S. Global Change Research Program or EPA “ever produce a report saying their issue is of diminishing importance – so that EPA regulations of greenhouse gases are not needed?” Would they ever say that another UN treaty, and more restrictions on fossil fuel use, economic growth and poverty eradication, could safely be postponed for a decade or more? “Not unless they are tired of first class travel and the praise of their universities, which are hopelessly addicted to the 50% ‘overhead’ they charge on science grants.”

EPA finds, punishes and even targets anyone who violates any of its ten thousand commandments, even inadvertently. EPA’s climate change actions, however, are not inadvertent. They are deliberate, and their effects are far reaching and often harmful. For better or worse, they affect all of us.

And yet, these increasingly powerful bureaucrats – who seek and acquire ever more control over our lives – remain faceless, nameless, unelected and unaccountable. They operate largely behind closed doors, issuing regulations and arranging sweetheart “sue and settle” legal actions with radical environmentalist groups, to advance ideological agendas, without regard for the impacts on our lives, jobs, health, welfare and environment. They know that, for them, there is rarely ever any real transparency, accountability or consequences – even for gross stupidity, major screw-ups, flagrant abuses or deliberate harm.

We need to save our environment from environmentalists and EPA – and safeguard our liberties, living standards and lives against the arrogance of too-powerful politicians and bureaucrats. How we achieve this, while protecting our lives and environment from real risks, is one of the greatest challenges we face.


  1. jameshrust May 31, 2013 at 2:18 PM

    Great article that covers all transgressions of our government’s environmental rules leading the United States to economic disaster.
    I am not sure if the public is aware of the extent of bribery given to America’s universities to insure support of these policies. Proposal for research grants list expenditures for capital equipment, supplies, and salaries for student and faculty researchers. They sum this expenditure and multiply the amount by 100 percent or more and call this “overhead”. The “overhead” charges are justified for cost of buildings, utilities, and salaries for the massive administrations associated with all universities. Research proposals to support government policies are readily funded. Any research proposals that may produce results questioning CAGW face immediate rejection. The amount sent to schools is many billions annually.
    James H. Rust, Professor of nuclear engineering (ret.)

  2. jameshrust May 31, 2013 at 3:34 PM

    Paul Driessen’s article is a concise summary of reasons carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels poses negligible effects on humanity and efforts at mitigation produce great economic loss with much harm to society–in particular the less fortunate. Paul Driessen and those performing similar tasks are held to higher standards than proponents of CAGW. If he says something of questionable accuracy, he will be viciously attacked as a liar and denounced as someone who should never have his ideas worthy of consideration. Those promoting CAGW, like Al Gore and Friends, are not held to this standard. They can lie or mislead without any fear of correction or retribution.

    Recently, the U. S. Weather Service issued a press release stating 2012 was the hottest year in U. S. recorded history. The alarmist press made great clamor over this news. No mention was made recorded history was from 1895 to present. Examining NOAA U. S. temperature data shows the 1920s had a warmer year. No mention of this error.
    James H. Rust

  3. Eckenhuijsen Smit June 2, 2013 at 5:26 AM

    Mr. Paul Driessen again is very clear and exact in his explanation of the absolutely false and fraudulent information delivered by the well-known AGW CO2 alarmists e.g. Barry Hussein Obama, John Kerry, Al Gore and many more just as ignorant.
    Your article should be obligatory reading for all students.
    But that will be very difficult to enforce as most schools, universities and other
    educational centres are red/green alarmist bridgeheads.
    As a European I can fully testify on the truth that: European climate policies have been disastrous for affordable energy, economic growth, entire industries, people’s jobs and welfare, wildlife habitats and human lives.
    Although The Netherlands’ deficit already accounts for many billions of €, the stupid
    and totally ignorant politicians want to spend again billions of € on windmills
    (with their 2 – 4 % efficiency!).
    I repeat again and again that one should remember:
    Earth’s GLOBAL CLIMATE is for at least 95% decided by our sun’s activity
    (solar flairs changing the earth’s magnetic field) and the quantity of cosmic rays
    (particles) entering the earth’s atmosphere ‒producing more or less cloud cover, which causes global temperatures respectively to fall or rise‒ and consequently is not
    influenced by whatever quantity of CO2 there might be in our atmosphere.
    CO2 ‒natural and manmade (only 0,001152% ≈ nil)‒ is an inert, colourless, tasteless, innocuous, very beneficial and indispensable “GREEN” gas, necessary for all life on earth to keep nature functioning as it did during eons, so there can never be “too much” manmade CO2 in the atmosphere!
    Exhausts and chimneys should even spew more CO2 unhampered!
    Politicians with some knowledge and/or insight might even understand this!
    Immediately stop wasting trillions $/€ on the worldwide construction of all those totally inefficient windmills!
    Instead, build as many as possible ‒graphite covered uranium‒ pebbles-fed nuclear reactors to safely deliver the electric energy needed to develop all human communities on our globe!

  4. UNAgenda21 June 2, 2013 at 12:59 PM

    The well entrenched Global Warming alarm is designed to deal with the ultimate dilemma…overpopulation that is killing the Earth. The master toolkit is a worldwide blueprint called UN Agenda 21 (I call it “UN Agenocide 21”), signed by G.H.W. Bush in June 1992 along with 178 other countries, shortly after he declared this:
    “It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance.” (George H. W. Bush, addressing the General Assembly of the U.N., February 1, 1992.) http://www.wnd.com/2005/01/28360/

    Did you know you did that?

    Full-blown Communists drafted the UN Charter. Now Agenda 21 is seamlessly woven into every relevant U.S. statute and regulation, with the full backing of Congress and each President since G.H.W. Bush.

    The real problem, bottomline, that no one will touch, is that world population is expected to reach 10.5 billion by 2050. In order to feed it, we must at least double food production. That means CO2 emissions will dramatically rise, not fall. Water shortages will be unsolvable. See the problem?

    You and I are not “sustainable”. This is Agenda 21. This is the UN Global Biodiversity Assessment Report (Heywood and Watson) 1995 with annual updates and the Convention on Global Biodiversity Treaty (Clinton signed a modified version in 1993 but Congress never ratified after it was recommended for a vote by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, thus, it technically is still pending). Go to the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). It’s all there. The iron fist of Communism and Fabian Socialism (Fascism) is needed to implement it.

    Just exactly what the powers that be intend to do about us useless eaters is a little more complicated….but do not rest assured that they will do nothing.

    Good luck, Comrades.

  5. Deborah Kerwin-Peck June 2, 2013 at 7:01 PM

    Thank you! (Preventive, please. Not preventative.)

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