Martha Boneta’s story: “Farming in fear” Watch now

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Martha Boneta dreamt of a farm in Virginia’s lush countryside.  Green bureaucrats and busybodies tried to turn that dream into a nightmare of obstruction and red tape.  Martha fought back and won.  This is her story.

Fauquier County officials threatened her with $5,000-per-day fines for such Martha Boneta with animalsheinous transgressions as selling vegetables, hosting a birthday party for eight 10-year-old girls without a permit and advertising pumpkin carvings.

Martha’s story caught the attention of the nation.  A genuine grassroots effort sprang up and inspired bi-partisan legislation which passed and has been signed into law solidifying Virginia’s status as a right-to-farm state by limiting local officials’ ability to interfere with normal agricultural operations.

CFACT provided policy research and raised public awareness in support of Martha’s and everyone’s property rights.  CFACT senior policy analyst Bonner Cohen appears in the film.

Thousands of CFACT’s friends joined the fight by signing petitions, speaking out and joining public demonstrations.

We’re proud of Martha, and of you.



About the Author: Craig Rucker

Craig Rucker is the executive director and co-founder of CFACT.

  • wally12

    Congratulations to Martha Boneta for her determination to stick to her right to farm and sell products when faced with individuals, trusts, environmentalists, and governments that use their abuse of power to shut down Martha’s enterprise. Cfact is to commented for supporting Martha and bring this to the attention of readers like me. I notice that Koch was involved with this message about free enterprise. They are to be commended. I believe this film would be beneficial for all voters to view. It would show how government including local ones that attempt to impose their will on people and property rights. If Koch advertised a film, it would show viewers that Koch is not some abusive and greedy corporation but instead a corporation that promotes property rights and free enterprise for liberals,conservatives and all US citizens.

  • Daniel Pearson

    A case like this happened in Idaho with a small organic farm. I believe the federal government is behind it not just local governments. Not sure of an answer to this but people have to fight to says we will be safer.r the right of keeping there property now especially in rural areas. Here in rural Washington state the has been a movement for people to relocate to cities because of the fires and where well be safer. Will it happen I do know. I did not realize I was in Russia where they do this.

  • wavetheshales

    Just look at the UN’s Agenda21 and 2030 “sustainable development” (how I hate that word, and how the UN and the globalists misuse it).

    They have a process called “rewilding”. They want us all to move to cities, and let the animals have “their” land back. Hmmm. Don’t see anywhere that they bought it.

    With this process we’ll all be bunkered in cities, where we can be monitored and controlled every hour of the day and night, and “learn” to be peaceful, compliant, mindless dummies willing to do anything and everything that BigBrother Government wants.

    Because it’s sustainable and “good for us”. Not likely.

    Time to throw a few wrenches into the cogs of the globalist machine…..

    • cc

      seems they don’t really want there to be any people at all, the whole urbanization ruse is just a head fake to total human genocide

  • Mike

    This is nothing new. I read a book in the 1960s titled “Ill Fares the Land”. it is about how the federal govt had intended to take control of all farming in the united states. Looks like they have prevailed. I believe a newer version is available by the same author.

    • J T

      “Looks like they will NOT prevail!”

  • RT

    We have passed the point of no return. The shooting will start in the near future. The politicians and lawyers will likely be genuinely surprised when they are looking down the barrels of guns held by irate citizens. Probably surprised right up to when they see the muzzle flash.

  • J T

    Sue ’em! Now that you’ve got the first victory, keep at it and sue ’em!