EPA/UN energy takeover

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Does the UN’s Paris climate agreement provide EPA the power to unilaterally impose a cap and trade scheme on all 50 United States?

Lawyers for climate pressure groups claim it does.

They want EPA to use an obscure provision of the Clean Air Act, Section 115, to take total control over American energy.

Section 115 deals with pollution “which may reasonably be anticipated to endanger public health or welfare in a foreign country.”  EPA outrageously defines CO2, the gas you just exhaled, as “pollution.”

Section 115 requires that a foreign country reciprocate by granting “essentially the same rights with respect to the prevention or control of air pollution occurring in that country.”

That’s where the UN climate agreement comes in.  These lawyers argue that since 190 countries agreed to reduce their emissions in Paris, the requirements of Section 115 have been met and gives EPA carte blanche.

Congress decided not to impose a cap and trade plan on the states.  Now they are in danger of having one foisted upon them.

Take a look at the detailed write-up by The Daily Caller’s Michael Bastasch we posted here at CFACT.org.

In recent years EPA has seized upon every rationale it can come up with to expand its power, doing great damage to the American economy and energy production in the process.

This legal ploy may provide an opening for EPA to launch its most damaging power grab yet.


  1. Li D February 5, 2016 at 5:37 PM

    Another conspiracy.
    What a surprise.
    How come many Americans are
    so big on conspiracies?
    Its very odd.
    Heres a challenge.
    Do an article on science that
    contains no conspiracy ideation
    How bout it Craig Rucker.
    Li D Australia.

    • Brin Jenkins February 6, 2016 at 2:25 AM

      The proof of the pudding is always in the eating surely. I’m told by police friends that is something a little odd happens that’s an occurrence, twice may be a coincidence but when it happen a third time someone has put thought into it and made it “Happen”. When two or more gather in secret to plan an action this is planned, in fact a conspiracy.

      Are you a coincidence believer? Or like my police friends start looking for a possible perpetrator?

      Why did Austrailia introduce gun laws? Was it to reduce armed crime? In the 2 years following shooting increased by 40% so it failed and now only Law Breakers have guns. The reason the did this was a previous Government signed up to a gun law treaty to remove all hand guns from its citizens

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