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David Legates is a Professor of Climatology at the University of Delaware and has studied climate change for thirty years.

The Experiment: Capitalism versus Socialism

There has been no clearer comparison between capitalism and socialism than the two Germanys that were created at the end of World War II -- socialist/communist East Germany, under Soviet hegemony, and capitalist West Germany, with strong ties to Western Europe and the United States. Clearly, West Germany's capitalist system produced better results for its people -- and only recently have East Germans begun to prosper after many years of freedom.

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Deep-sixing another useful climate myth

The "97% consensus" on global warming by climate scientists is a fabrication, a useful myth now being used by lawyers to silence the much larger percentage of scientists and commentators who disagree with the so-called consensus. But CFACT's upcoming film "Climate Hustle" will shatter this so-called consensus, and it is in theaters on May 2.

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Life in a climate cataclysm box

Licking her chops at the possibilities, former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson insisted her agency would need 240,000 new employees (at $100,000 a year and up!) just to administer new CO2 regulations -- tripling or even quadrupling EPA's current size. So of course "climate scientists" will lie, cheat, and deceive to hide the truth that the Earth is not warming -- the truth could kill their golden goose!

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