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A member of the CFACT Board of Scientific and Academic Advisors, Dr. David Evans has a background in mathematics, computing, and electrical engineering. He helped build the carbon accounting model for the Australian Government that tracks carbon in plants, debris, soils, and agricultural and forest products. He researches mathematics -- Fourier analysis, calculus, the number system, and multivariable polynomials. While valuable, this activity pays nothing. So David has been investing on the stock market, and doing the odd consulting job, since 1990. David also has a keen interest in monetary history, banking, and detecting scams.

Fuel loads — not climate change — are making Australia’s bushfires more severe

While Al Gore and UN climate chief Christina Figueres insist that Austalia's repeal of its oppressive carbon tax is somehow linked to recent forest fires there, the truth -- as documented by CFACT Advisor Dr. David Evans -- is that UN-style forest management policies have left heavy fuel load (fallen trees and brush traditionally harvested by locals -- a practice now forbidden) is the major contributor to these fires being hotter and lasting longer.

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