The Summer of Science

Unlike other summers, this year is rightfully filled with daily news. The EU, Syria, just to mention a few and disregarding the Olympics. No tabloids with reported aliens or slight nudity in the city. For fans of science, and science fiction, however, we get our fair share.

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Don’t Overdo It

by Einar Du Rietz Last time I had to visit the hospital, the first thing I noticed, apart from the hilarious waiting line, was the rather outdated, but proudly displayed ISO14001 certification. This seemed to be the great pride of the place and apparently, the certification had nothing to do with the – just reported in media – lack of proper daily cleaning for the past five years, all the nurses quitting because they could not stand the working environment, some doctors who never should have been admitted to medical school, a new – thus crashed – medical record system, numerous [...]

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The power of forecasting

by Jacob Arfwedson In the 1930s, Franklin Roosevelt asked his administration to undertake a vast exploratory study of future technologies. A group of researchers eventually produced a voluminous report with fascinating insights. There was only one little glitch: the document did not foresee television, plastics, jet planes, organ transplants, laser technology, or even ballpoint pens. As Ludwig von Mises stated, petrol is good for many things, but not for slaking your thirst. Similarly, government may be useful in some instances but not in others. The precautionary principle is good, provided it is used appropriately. We should first apply it to politics: [...]

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Climate Change: There is no Alternative to Adaptation

By Edgar L. Gärtner (Frankfurt) German Geologists Call Two Centigrade Target for Global Warming Bare Nonsense Six weeks before the beginning of the Copenhagen summit the big German business newspaper „Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” published an interview with three leading geoscientist (Karin Lochte, Volker Mosbrugger and Reinhard Hüttl) who call UNFCCC’s official target of mitigating global warming at two centigrade through halving global CO2 emissions by 50 percent till 2050 “bare nonsense”. All these scientists believe nevertheless that human CO2 emissions are largely contributing to global warming. But knowing the earth’s history they recognize that there are also important natural factors that [...]

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