For many, the idea of off-shore oil rigs and environmental protection seem to go together like … well, literally, oil and water. But if recent findings from the Bayou State of Louisiana are any indication, it may be such anti-oil sentiments which aren?t too factually slick.

This, according to the publication Eco-Logic, which notes that a recent study from LSU found there is an astounding 50 percent more marine life around oil platforms than around surrounding mud bottoms. Indeed, the same study showed that 85 percent of Louisiana?s fishing trips involve fishing around these very waters, which is significant when you consider that Louisiana produces one third of America?s commercial fishing!

Other interesting tid-bits about the eco-benefits of off-shore rigs:

Most of America?s spear fishing records were winched aboard around these platforms.

Commercial fishing vessels from Taiwan and Japan venture far in order to fish Louisiana?s waters

Louisiana started a ?Rigs to Reefs? program which pays companies to keep the platforms in the gulf. Other states may be following suit.

There has never been an oil spill from these rigs ? not even one!

Indeed, so impressive are the eco-benefits from such oil rig platforms that Louisiana Fish and Wildlife officials have been invited to Australia to help them implement a similar program ? this is noteworthy, especially from a nation that boasts one of the world?s top dive destinations in the Great Barrier Reef!

Only time will tell whether or not skeptics will ultimately welcome this gusher of good news surrounding off-shore oil rigs!