Just this past month, CFACT unveiled a new program designed to assist companies and associations integrate the important issues of environmental stewardship, sustainable development, and corporate social responsibility into their corporate structure.  Dubbed the Sustainability and CSR Conference Program (SCSR), this novel approach utilizes an impressive array of scientific and academic spokesmen to help impart CFACT’s powerful, positive message of how technology and market-based solutions can be used to solve today’s environmental problems into a conference package that fits the specific needs of virtually any company or association.

The typical format of the SCSR conference program – which can be custom-designed for annual meetings, membership conferences, or other important gatherings – features a CFACT panel chairman and two or three additional experts, followed by prepared responses from people within the host industry.  The program can also be tailored to provide a single speaker for a luncheon or other occasion.   The provocative topics covered are many and varied, ranging from clean air and energy, to government regulation, chemical use and global warming, among others. 

The SCSR conference program recently made its debut at an international annual meeting of the Salt Institute in Sunny Isles, FL where the association’s president, Richard Hanneman, said the presentation “not only met our expectations, but exceeded them.”

View the PDF brochure.