Are our public schools frightening children about manmade global warming? Well according to Holly Fretwell, author of the book The Sky’s Not Falling: Why It’s OK To Chill About Global Warming the unfortunate answer may be “yes.” Comments Ms. Fretwell: “Have you ever thought ‘I’ve heard so much about global warming I’m not sure what’s right?’ Are you concerned about the global warming hype your kids hear? These were my fears when I started to study the issue, and the result is a book that can help kids, adults, and teachers better understand the changing world around us, and what we can do to ensure a freer future. This book is the product of concern and love for the environment, and the world we live in. As a mom and an economist, I wrote this book to teach kids and adults to become critical thinkers, to understand the value of the free market, and to help solve the problems of today and the future.”