By Evan Dent

power plant

I recently ran across a blog post on Green Hell Blog that discusses President Obama’s recent Supreme Court nominee, Sonya Sotomayor. According to the blog, Sotomayor is definitely on the side of extremely left leaning green environmental groups. For example, she ruled in favor of a group sueing the EPA for allowing cost-benefit analysis at a power plant for its water cooling intake structures. It’s a shame that Judges in high-power positions are so willing to rule in favor of environmental activists and their initiatives, despite the blatant negative impacts it wouldhave on all ofthe tax-payingconsumers!

As the blog states, “Senators should probe whether Judge Sotomayor lacks the common-sense realization that the benefits of environmental regulation ought to outweigh its costs a worldview with ominous implications given the nations present rush toward cap-and-tax global warming regulation and other green mindlessness.”