If you live in San Francisco, you can now be fined up to $100 if you do not compost your food scraps! The city recently passed a new recycling and composting ordinance that requires separate trash cans for recyclables and compost. City officials promise that they will first leave many warning notes on the trash cans of repeat offenders and that there is a moratorium on fines until 2011.

Recycling and composting is all well and good, but making it a crime to throw an apple core in the trash can instead of the compost can is absurd. Big Brother needs to back off and trust that individuals and the free market will solve any genuine problems that exist.

Aside from that, the real reason we should be concerned about this is WHY the ordinance was passed. What was the rationale?

The San Francisco Chronicle
reports, The rationale behind the move is clear. Material like food scraps and plant clippings that go into landfills take up costly space and decompose to form methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

This is just another attempt to criminalize the actions of people who harm mother nature. Taxing, fining, and punishing people for the size of their so-called carbon footprint is the frightening direction laws like this are headed. If we are not careful, if we do not speak up now, extreme environmentalism could very well lead us into an overbearing socialism. We need to keep spreading the word and helping people understand the truth about climate change and the radical lefts agenda.


  • Adam Houser

    Adam Houser coordinates student leaders as National Director of CFACT's collegians program and writes on issues of climate and energy.