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Also: Marc Morano of CFACT’s Climate Depot Kicks Off His Visit to Copenhagen 

CFACT has established “climate realist ground zero” in Copenhagen.  CFACT Started with a press conference at the EU parliament, then a climate conference in Berlin followed by a two day “Climate Sense” conference in Copenhagen.  CFACT is now the go to source for anyone seeking to cover both sides of the climate debate.  On Friday, December 11, CFACT will hold an all day International Climate Eco Summit (ICE) at CEPOS in Copenhagen.  Featuring Prof. Fred Singer, Lord Christopher Monckton and now Marc Morano among others the argument for global warming is sure to take another body blow. 

Who: Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT)  

Where : CEPOS (Center for Political Studies), Landgreven 3, 1301 Copenhagen, Denmark 

When: Friday, 11 December 2009, 9:30 – 20:30 

What: International Climate Eco-Summit (ICE 2009) 

Why: Over 60 students from countries around the world will gather together for CFACT’s International Climate Eco-Summit (ICE 2009). This conference will focus on the science and policy of global warming, but from a different point of view than the UN Conference. 

The conference will highlight globally renowned experts in science and policy.  Speakers include Dr. Fred Singer, a leading scientist and policy expert and Lord Christopher Monckton, former science policy advisor to Margaret Thatcher, Barun Mitra, Manuel de Araujo, and CFACT’s own Marc Morano among others, culminating in the Danish Premiere of the acclaimed documentary Not Evil Just Wrong.  Film directors Ann McElhinney and Phelim MacAleer will join us to introduce their film and a Q/A session will follow. 

Speakers are available for media interviews.  Please call Lene Johansen to schedule.