Excerpt from the New York Times:

“Their numbers were small and former Vice President Al Gore was not among them. But the climate skeptics who met inside a stuffy second-floor gallery near this city’s Christianshavn neighborhood on Wednesday displayed at least as much passion for their cause as the environmental activists who have flocked to Copenhagen to push for action on global warming.

We’re unified in the idea that these theories have not received a fair shake,” said Craig Rucker, the conference chairman.

Still, even at this meeting those theories did not go unchallenged.

John Vidal, environment editor for The Guardianin London, demanded that a panel’s members explain why a variety of villages in India and Bangladesh were slowly being swallowed by the sea if, as the Swedish physicist and geologist Nils-Axel Morner had contended the day before, sea levels were not rising.

Mr. Morner, who has spent much time measuring sea levels in South Asia, said his most recent data pointed to plenty of erosion, but “zero rise in sea level.”

Then, as debates over global warming often do, the discussion dissolved into incomprehensible shouting.”

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