Bonn – The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) will sponsor a press briefingThursday, 10 June, at 10:30 local time in room Hayden at Bonn’s Hotel Maritim to discuss the general state of climate change policy and the future of renewable energy.

“The global warming argument is in tatters,” said Craig Rucker, CFACT’s Executive Director. “Climategate and revelations about alarmism drummed up over Himalayan glaciers exemplify errors that have opened minds around the world. This, coupled with the public’s clear disaffection for the endless warming propaganda they’ve been bombarded with by the media, have emboldened experts to join the debate. They no longer feel intimidated. We are only now having the genuine evaluation of global warming we should have had at the beginning.”

Neither a climate treaty, nor binding agreement are currently warranted. CFACT calls attention to the multi-faceted aspects of global warming proposals that are clearly not yet ready for prime time.

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