Marc Morano of CFACT’s Climate Depot has been widely cited in the media this week. In the above video, Morano appeared on Fox News to discuss the violent climate change video recently released by the environmental group 10:10.

In this video (you can watch the full version here, but be warned it is very graphic), a classroom of students are asked whether they plan to reduce their carbon footprints.  The few who dissent are murdered by their teacher – covering their classmates in blood.  Viewers are then treated to a repeat of this gory spectacle in business, sports and media settings.

As Morano told Fox News, “The global warming fear promoters are in desperation right now. Their idea to get attention was to blow up school children in as gory and disgusting a manner as possible. This expresses a very deep sentiment in their [global warming] movement of wanting to suppress and silence global warming skeptics.”

Morano was also cited by the New York Times in its coverage of the same topic, quoting Morano as saying, “I think the idea of a comedy is fine, and even the gore and blood is part of our pop culture. What is not fine, and what is actually very revealing, is that their impulse – the intellectual strain that runs through the alarmist movement – is to try to silence their critics. They blame a handful of skeptics for ruining all their schemes, and this is them expressing their frustrations.”

Very seldom do those campaigning for false agendas drop pretense and reveal how craven they really are. The 10:10 organization and other radical global warming campaigners reveal that they do not value human lives, prosperity, freedoms or rights.  Just weeks ago James Lee, the inconvenient terrorist, was driven by the steady stream of warming propaganda he was subjected to, including Al Gores An Inconvenient Truth, to take hostages at the headquarters of the Discovery Channel.  His demands included thwarting human procreation to return the planet to the squirrels.

As Morano said on Fox News, “The main thing is, intellectually, the global warming fear promoters have used intimidation… UN officials have said it is criminally negligent to not believe in man-made global warming, it is morally irresponsible. That rhetoric means things, and it may cause people to act.”



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