CFACT’s Marc Morano appeared on Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto” to discuss the recent admission by a UN official that the goal of a climate treaty is to “redistribute . . . the world’s wealth by climate policy.”

This candid statement came only days before the next UN climate change conference in Cancun, Mexico. Last year’s conference in Copenhagen dissolved in discord between the developed and developing worlds. UN conference organizers hope to push through a treaty this time, but this admission may complicate their efforts.

As Marc Morano declared on Fox News, “The idea that mankind is having a catastrophic impact is now being thoroughly debunked in peer-reviewed literature. . . . The UN has always been about the politics of it. They produce the best science politics can manufacture, and their goal has always been ‘global governance,’ in the words of Al Gore, Ban Ki-Moon, and former French president Jacques Chirac. They openly admit their goal and they are using a climate scare to achieve it.”