Today, we are all Japanese.

Many of our readers have asked how they can help ease the suffering in Japan today and help our friends there rebuild.  They want to ensure their funds are put to good use.

In past emergencies you have been able to help by giving directly to CFACT.  While we have numerous friends and correspondents in Japan, CFACT is not set up to offer the same level of work on the ground in Japan as we are in other places in the world.  We have identified the Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund as a trustworthy place to donate and have confidence that our funds will be put to good use.  In addition, Americans will receive a tax deduction.

CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker and I have both made personal donations to this fund and invite you to join us.

As you know, the natural disaster in Japan is truly staggering in its severity and in need of every helping hand.

Click here to donate to the Japan NGO Earthquake Relief Fund

We have also activated the CFACT network to keep you informed about events in Japan as they develop.  We are particularly interested in the nuclear emergency at the Fukushima plant and are working to keep the public informed with hard facts.  Over the years CFACT has developed a strong expertise in nuclear energy policy and our staff and advisers are assembling important updates to ensure that we learn the appropriate lessons from this emergency and to prevent the usual folks from taking advantage of this tragedy to advance inappropriate ideological agendas.

Please invite your friends to stay informed on this and other vital situations here on our website and to follow us on Facebook & Twitter.