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Today, we’ll sign off with a brief round-up of Global Warming Oops Moments, failures and some of the movement’s most persistent foolishness. This would be funnier, if it didn’t cost you so much, and enrich so many schemers.

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—-> There’s this news from Portugal. You remember Portugal. It’s the greenist environ-extremists’ paradise. Guess what. “Portugal is seeking a rescue package. The reason for the bailout? Strange as it may seem: a green economy that has gotten dark, so much darker… Portugal will be the ONLY country in the World, according to the IMF (check out Table 2.2), that will have a GDP negative growth in 2012! José Sócrates, Environment Minister between 1999 and 2002, and Prime Minister since 2005, is the person behind this tragedy. His green vision has brought Portugal some recognition amongst greenies, but mainly a dark future! Almost everything imaginable in this Green promise has gone wrong. Murphy’s law at its best…”

Go here to read about it, including “the more the wind blows, the poorer we get. This is true because wind feed-in tariffs are much higher than energy prices in the spot market…”

—-> Then there’s Roger Pielke Sr., who writes: “There is no optimum temperature.  First, human society has developed over a wide range of climates. Second, there is no single temperature that we experience; we typically have maximum temperature during the day and minimum temperatures at night. Winters are colder than summers. It is also important to emphasize that a global average surface temperature or its trend over time is irrelevant for the temperatures that society and the environment deal with. It is the regional and local climate that matters.”

And that makes this all the more interesting: “I present four reasons below that document why this temperature fails to accurately diagnose global warming.”

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