CFACT’s Marc Morano, editor of Climate Depot, appeared on Fox News to explain the absurdity of blaming tornadoes on global warming.

Said Morano: “The idea that our SUVs are causing severe tornadoes is no better than in 1450 when Aztec priests encouraged people to sacrifice to the gods to end severe drought. We are going back to a primitive culture where we actually think we can affect the weather.”

Global warming alarmists blame any extreme weather event on climate change. As Morano pointed out, “Nobel prize winning economist Thomas Schelling wished for ‘horrid things’ like a lot of tornadoes in order to convince people of man-made warming. This is just purely a propaganda tool. It is shameful.”

Ultimately, there is no hard evidence linking global warming to more severe tornados. Morano said, “NOAA’s scientests are already on record, the government scientists, saying it is not linked to any kind of climate change or warming. In fact, a man named Thomas Mote from University of Georgia just two years ago had a study out saying, if anything, warming will mean less tornadoes!”