US News light bulb phase out primer

Maine Procedures if a Fluorescent bulb brakes

EPA procedure if a CFL brakes

EU Scientific Evaluation broken CFLs

A fluorescent light bulb contains 5 mg of Hg… These concentrations are also well above regulatory limits for Hg in a general environment

Children breathe more air per kg of body weight than adults at rest and tend to be more physically active than adults. Therefore, mercury vapours, if present in indoor air, may be delivered to children at higher internal doses than to adults (Miller et al. 2002)

Miller MD, Marty MA, Arcus A, Brown J, Morry D, Sandy M. (2002) Differences between children and adults: implications for risk assessment at California EPA. Int J

Toxicol, 21:403-418 (review).

Snopes on Broken CFL

National Post on Brandy Bridges $2,000 environmental cleanup bill

So we can rely on hundreds of millions of Americans to turn off their heat, evacuate a room and clean up clean up broken CFLs and spilled mercury according to government directions and not trash, but always recycle the bulbs, yet we cannot trust these same fully compliant rule followers to voluntarily choose the bulbs and reap the great energy savings the government says they’ll get?

Quality of life is important and quality of light is a factor.

Why Energy Efficient Bulbs Fail to Thrive NYT

Expensive compared to incandescent. When you bring down the price you lose color, dimming and longevity.

Do New Bulbs Save Energy If They Don’t Work? NYT

CFL Fluorescent Light Bulbs: More Hype Than Value

The mercury offset myth. CFL bulb advocates frequently

Just the facts

Invention of the Lightbulb

Edison’s Lightbulb patent

Longest running lightulb 100 years and counting!

No government ban needed to transition to electric light from gas light, candle and oil lamps.

Colbert light bulb video