Plans for North Pole dominance expose Danish climate hypocrisy

A leaked document titled “Strategy for the Arctic” lays out Denmark’s plans to lay formal claim to the North Pole.

Yet the Danish Commission on Climate Change recently released plans to make Denmark “oil free” by 2050.

What exactly do the soon to be oil free Danes plan to do at the North Pole?  Will they crown the globe with the world’s largest and most wasteful wind farm?  With oil fetching over 500 Danish Kroner per barrel the answer is clear.

Last year CFACT engaged in a dialogue with EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard about Danish wind power.  CFACT stated bluntly that Denmark could not afford the luxury of its many wind turbines were it not able to subsidize them through its profits from off shore oil.

Denmarks plan to grab the rights to north pole oil, which is estimated at 25 percent of the world’s reserves, exposes Danish climate propaganda for the hypocrisy it is.  The Danes realized long ago that Lego and herring sales are not sufficient to finance their welfare state, particularly if they are going to spend more building alternative energy than the wind farms can produce.  Lego’s made from petroleum in any case.

Danish hypocrisy on climate and oil are laid bare.  If the Danes truly believe oil to be harmful, they should support America’s claim to the north and depend on the EPA to block future oil drilling through an impenetrable wall of bogus regulation.