Four G8 nations abandon Kyoto’s ship

French wire service AFP reports that Russia, Japan and Canada have all indicated that they will cease following carbon limits agreed to under the Kyoto protocol.  In addition, President Obama stated at a dinner Thursday night that he does not intend to bring the U.S. into Kyoto.

The global warming folks are desperate to obtain a renewal of Kyoto at the UN conference on climate change in Durban, South Africa in December.  The expiration of Kyoto places the hopes and dreams of carbon profiteers in peril as their carbon trading markets are set to expire along with the protocol.  The expiration of Kyoto also places the fortunes of those seeking to cash in on offset, subsidy and other raids upon the treasuries of developed nations in jeopardy.  We suggest the UNFCCC create a fund to support career counseling and the transition of global warming campaigners and profiteers into constructive endeavours.

Which nation will be next to abandon the global warming scare?

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