An outbreak of E-coli contamination in organic cucumbers has sickened 1,200 people and killed 14.  Scores of victims have lost all kidney function as a result of the infection with many forced to use dialysis.

Green campaigners routinely attack fruits and vegetables grown and protected using efficient modern methods.  No evidence exists that “organic” foods offer any nutritional benefits over foods produced by modern farming.  There were certainly no health benefits for the victims of this tragic outbreak.

To learn more about The Truth About Organic Foods, CFACT recommends Alex Avery’s book by that title.  CFACT Europe produced a translation of Mr. Avery’s book not too long ago available direct from the publisher  [email protected]

June 6 UPDATE: The death toll has risen and now organic sprouts from northern Germany are suspect.  No matter how you slice it the organic food bubble is leaking badly.  Once organic food safety is reestablished it is time to put them in their proper place.  “Organic” foods (as if there could be inorganic foods) require more labor and resources to produce and distribute and have no nutritional advantages.  They are an expensive consumer preference (like artisan cheese with less certain flavor advantages), but not a luxury that should interfere with the plentiful bounty modern efficient farming creates.  Developed countries today enjoy plentiful, affordable food for all for the first time ever.  A few constructive public policy tweaks and a neighborly helping hand is all it will take to permit the developing world to bring in just as fine a harvest.

June 6 UPDATE 2: Maybe not sprouts after all.

June 10 UPDATE: Organic sprouts again — 30 dead.

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