Obama orders EPA to halt its job-killing smog rule
Thank you, petition signers!


CFACT supporters know that EPA has been on an ideological tear, proposing job-killing rule after rule without regard to economic or environmental realities. EPA has gone lawless, all too often exceeding the authority granted to it by Congress.

CFACT has led the way and joined with elected officials and citizens from coast to coast to cry out, “STOP! Enough! This is not what we hired you to do!”

We asked you to sign and circulate CFACT’s petition to reform EPA and so many did.  We provided the hard facts policy makers need to realize how thinly grounded EPA’s rationales for its new rules have been.

Together we raised our voices, spoke truth to power, and miracle of miracles — we were heard.

Today, Obama cried uncle. 

Obama ordered EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to halt EPA’s new smog rule.

This rule would have cost business anywhere from $19-90 billion at the very time our economy is struggling the hardest. It would have provided no meaningful benefit to our environment.

You don’t make a major announcement on the Friday before Labor Day if you’re winning. Obama and his EPA are in retreat.

Savor this victory. You’ve earned it!

Do you remember the movie Shawshank Redmption? Every week our hero wrote the goverment requesting funds for a library. He didn’t quit when they sent him a check. He wrote two letters a week.

The harsh reality is that this smog rule is only one of a host of bad new rules Obama and the EPA plan to burden America with. This is absolutely no time to lower our guard. We must do more. We will.

Help us redouble our efforts and take on the rest of Obama’s and EPA’s radical new rules.

Let’s send the petition today to as many friends as we can think of. Tell Obama and his EPA that we’re just getting started. We will keep at ’em until we stop every radical rule and regulation and recovery starts for real.