CFACT’s Marc Morano appeared today on Fox News’ “America Live” with Megyn Kelly to debate the benefits of green jobs with Michael Dorsey, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Dartmouth College.

Morano pointed out that so far, “Green jobs equals red ink,” as high-profile green companies have been forced to move overseas or declare bankruptcy, like Solyndra. Morano continued, “Across the board, $80 billion of federal stimulas money went into the so-called green economy, and what we’re producing is a sea of red ink. Bankruptcies, companies moving to China, to just things not panning out at all the way the President hoped they would.”

Morano concluded, “If the future is green jobs, then the future is one of energy depravation, poverty, energy poverty and rolling blackouts and higher electric bills, and people dying in the winter from not being able to afford their heating bills.”

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