On Wednesday, 7 December at 15:30 CAT (local time) CFACT cosponsored a press conference with U.S. Senator James Inhofe at the UN climate change conference in Durban, South Africa.

View highlights from the press conference, including Senator Inhofe’s statement, above. If you wish to watch the full 30-minutes, the UN has made the full press conference available as a webcast here.

On Tuesday, CFACT conducted a highly publicized parachute drop which called attention to Climategate 2.0.

The Wednesday press conference featured an analysis from Senator Inhofe of the prospects of a new climate treaty in the U.S. Senate.  The conference also featured the release of Marc Morano’s (publisher of ClimateDepot.com) new report “A-Z Climate Reality Check” which details troubles and failings in what has been falsely proclaimed by global warming advocates to be a “settled scientific consensus.”

“Climate Depot’s new A-Z report reveals that the great man-made global warming catastrophe that was predicted – has been cancelled.” Morano said.  “The scientific reality is that on virtually every claim – from A-Z – the claims of the promoters of man-made climate fears are failing and in many instances going in the opposite direction. The global warming movement is suffering the scientific death of a thousand cuts. This Climate Depot special report categorizes and indexes the full range of climate developments in a handy A-Z reference guide from the Antarctic to Polar Bears to Mount Kilimanjaro to Sea Levels to Global temperatures to hurricanes and tornados.”

Nobel Prize nominee, Leon Louw, Executive Director of South Africa’s Free Market Institute, discussed the devastating impact climate policy has had on the economies of both the developed and developing world and the crippling hindrance it poses to the poor.

South African nuclear physicist Dr. Kelvin Kemm discussed global warming policy providing a unique South African analysis.

When a Greenpeace activist asked a question about ocean acidification, Lord Christopher Monckton, freshly rested from his parachute jump to call attention to Climategate 2.0, delivered a thorough scientific refutation of the idea that ocean acidification is a problem caused by man-made global warming.

“Secretary Figueres is telling the COP that she can obtain a new commitment period in Durban.”  Said CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker.  “After she hears what Senator Inhofe has to say, she may want to reevaluate her wishful thinking.”
Go to www.CLIMATEDEPOT.com for details on Climategate 2.0.  Find more information on CFACT’s mission to Durban at www.CFACT.tv. Also see www.CFACT.eu.