CFACT’s Marc Morano, editor of the Climate Depot news and information service, appeared on the Canadian TV program, “The Source with Ezra Levant,” on February 1 to discuss how rich foreigners spend huge sums of money to oppose cheap energy.  The Rockefellers, Levant notes, spend $7 million a year just in Canada to fund legal challenges to development.  Levant has reported that foreign-based non-governmental organizations are spending hundreds of millions of dollars in Canada to limit development, fight energy initiatives, and literally turn most of the country over to the “First Nations.”

Morano explains that Obama Administration is forbidding African nations from building coal-fired power plants despite the tremendous energy poverty across the continent of his own father.  Morano further explains that President Obama’s science advisor John Holdren is an enemy of cheap energy and opposed Nobel Prize Winner Norman Borlaug’s “green revolution” decades ago.  The German climate advisor has called for a carbon dioxide budget for every human being on the planet — and Morano talks further about the scheme at Durban to recognize the “rights of mother earth” — which was shot down after a CFACT report.

Morano also talks about the UN’s proposed international climate court and about the Japanese government’s campaign to force its people to go to bed earlier and turn off the lights.  Another proposal, in the United Kingdom, would force employers to monitor every employee’s carbon footprint.  The only way to stop this monolithic march toward total tyranny is to educate the people and encourage them to stand up and fight against their literal enslavement by elites.

White wealthy environmentalists are telling poor people of color worldwide that they are doing it right — by remaining poor, with low life expectancy — but of course these billionaires are not about to change their own lifestyles to fit those of the impoverished peoples they praise.

This is a high-level discussion that should be seen by everybody who pays a utility bill, drives a car, or breathes.