Stuart Varney was pinch-hitting as host on Your World with Neil Cavuto on April 20th, and he asked CFACT’s Marc Morano — creator of the acclaimed Climate Depot News Service — to comment on EPA’s new “Six Words for Our Planet” flash fiction essay contest, paid for with our tax dollars, of course.

Morano quipped in response, “Keep it up; China needs jobs,” and “Green energy needs lots of green.” But, he added, the distraction of these “feel-good” propaganda campaigns obscures the fact that EPA is on a rampage against energy companies and nearly every other kind of business. They even socked a bus driver with a near-half-million-dollar fine for “excessive idling.”

The contest, cosponsored by SMITH Magazine, is the brainchild of Jessica Orquina, the “social media lead” in EPA’s Office of External Affairs and Environmental Education. EPA, Morano noted, collaborated with Whole Foods Markets to promote EPA’s Energy Star program through the Disney movie “Dr. Seuss: The Lorax.”