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Friday, June 8, 2012


Russell Cook
[email protected]


What’s not to like about sustainable development?

For starters, UN Rio+20 Conference threatens people, prosperity, and nature too.

CFACT will be there: exposing, debunking and offering constructive solutions.


Rio+20 is the next, huge, misguided, harmful Green push.

Radical environmentalists hope the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development can carry on where climate change left off (after the public saw through the propaganda). It is the same agenda, the same exaggerated crises and cataclysms, the same anti-hydrocarbon, anti-development solutions – but with “sustainable development” and “threats to biodiversity and species” replacing “global warming.”

The activists are heading to Brazil with an extensive wish list that attacks liberal democracy and free markets. They want to “transform” world society – regulating and rolling back developed world prosperity … restricting progress and making poverty and disease permanent fixtures in the developing world … and, ironically, harming nature in the process. They also want a tax on financial transactions worldwide, to provide permanent funding and power for the unelected, unaccountable United Nations.

CFACT is headed to Brazil to expose these dreadful, potentially devastating policy proposals – and inject some much needed common sense and attention to people’s needs into the deliberations.

CFACT’s team arrives in Rio June 12. Our delegation will cover the UN organizing meeting in Rio, June 13-15, send part of its delegation to the ICLEI/Agenda 21 World Congress in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, June 14-17 – and regroup for the Rio+20 summit, June 20-22.

CFACT’s team will feature Marc Morano, creator of CFACT’s award-winning ClimateDepot.com, Lord Christopher Monckton, and CFACT president David Rothbard, executive director Craig Rucker, senior policy advisor Paul Driessen and our hard-working staff.  Bios and photos are available at CFACT.tv.

“We are going to shout a wake-up call,” said Rucker, “loud and clear. People need to know just how radical and destructive the agenda that’s being promoted for Rio+20 would actually be.”

Reporters seeking first-hand insight into the Rio+20 negotiations or looking to balance their reporting with solid facts to counter radical Rio pronouncements should look to CFACT. Our featured commentators are well known for cogent, insightful, informative and witty analysis that will add solid value to any account of Rio+20. CFACT’s delegation is available to all media.

“There is danger brewing in Rio that has not been adequately covered,” Rothbard said. “There is also a tragic likelihood that an historic opportunity will go to waste – a chance to wake up and change direction.  Freedom, prosperity, science and technology – what we like to call ‘constructive sustainability’ – is the only genuine path to achieve all that is best for our planet and people too.”

More available soon, including usable video, photography, news and commentary at CFACT.tv, CFACT.org and ClimateDepot.com. Local Brazil contact information is forthcoming.

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