Marc Morano, Executive Editor of CFACT’s, appeared on two television programs recently to discuss the UN’s latest plan to redistribute wealth in the name of climate change and to debate the science of man-made global warming.

On Fox News with Neil Cavuto, Morano pointed out the absurdity of the UN’s plan to tax billionaires to fight global warming. “They actually believe acts of Congress & acts of UN can control the Earth’s weather,” Morano said. Watch the full video:

Morano also engaged in a rare debate with a global warming alarmist who claimed the recent heat wave and other extreme weather is evidence of global warming. As Morano pointed out, however, “If you go back and look at some of those records for the 1930s, the drought and temperatures of over 100 degrees dwarf anything that is happening now. This is a political opportunity for global warming activists to try to seize on hot weather.” Watch the full video: