Actually this is David Rothbard talking to you. And I’m Craig Rucker. We’re thankful to let all you faithful listeners know that this is our 5,000th broadcast of Just The Facts. That’s right, we’ve been seeking to bring you the straight facts about progress, technology, and the environment for 1,000 weeks now, having started way back in 1993. We’ve gone from cassette tapes to CD’s to digital recording and satellites. But through it all, it has been our pleasure to provide what we trust has been thoughtful and informative news and analysis for nearly two decades. So we’d like to thank all the stations that have carried our program from coast to coast. And we hope you’ll continue to tune in for at least a couple of decades more.



    CFACT, founded in 1985 by Craig Rucker and the late (truly great) David Rothbard, examines the relationship between human freedom, and issues of energy, environment, climate, economics, civil rights and more.