This Giving Tuesday, give to a cause you care about.  We at CFACT are grateful for the generosity of our many friends and supporters who enable us to reach countless policy makers, media outlets, students, and concerned citizens in America and around the world.   Please consider a tax-deductible gift today to help us continue to provide a voice for genuine science, sensible environmental policy, and the promotion of political and economic liberty that brings prosperity to nature … and people too!


1)  CFACT firmly believes the power of the free markets combined with safe technologies and wise stewardship can provide solutions to today’s most pressing energy and environmental concerns.  Our work with public policy, media, community organization, and student outreach ensures future generations will not only have a clean, vibrant environment and economy, but also enjoy the liberties we all cherish.


2)  In today’s technologically advanced world, CFACT seeks to promote policies that will help humankind provide bountiful supplies of food, energy and essential natural resources, while at the same time ensuring our air, water, forests and wildlife are protected. CFACT advocates the use of safe, affordable technologies and the pursuit of economic policies that reduce pollution and waste, and maximize the wise use of resources.


3) CFACT is committed to defending liberty, whether it is for local farmers in Virginia whose property rights are being threatened or college students whose free speech is under assault from Politically Correct university administrators. CFACT has also actively participated in international summits for more than two decades, opposing treaties and UN policies that would have a devastating impact on our economy and national sovereignty.


4) CFACT’s Collegians program mobilizes students on some 50 campuses all across the nation. These students use creative outreach to educate their peers on key issues like energy, regulations, and science. Many students have never questioned what their Left-wing professors tell them.  CFACT brings diversity to the marketplace of ideas and allows students to hear a different perspective.


5) CFACT’s groundbreaking film Climate Hustle was the #1 movie in America per screen during its one night national event in 2016 and brought truth, perspective, and humor to delighted audiences in over 400 theaters across the U.S. We also reached millions of people through social media, online advertising, email, and grassroots outreach. Climate Hustle is now available on DVD, and our next film, Climate Monarchy, is already in the works.

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  • Christina Norman currently serves as Director of Development for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow. Christina graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2008 where she obtained her B.A. in Political Science. In college, Christina was the President of her CFACT Collegians chapter. Following college she worked for CFACT as a field director for our Collegians program and as a Development Officer. She graduated in 2010 from the Koch Associate Program. She currently resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and daughter.