“This documentary has all the ingredients to become a milestone in the debate on climate change” – is what Science journalist Jan Jakobs wrote after seeing the 90 minutes documentary The Uncertainty Has Settled. The multiple award winning film is now available worldwide through online-demand.

 After eight years of travelling through conflict and poverty zones, Marijn Poels – a progressive filmmaker – decided to take some time off. In the Austrian mountains no less. It confronts him unexpectedly with the roots of agriculture and its modern day perspective. Globalization and climate politics are causing radical changes such as farmers becoming energy suppliers. But the green ideology raises questions. The scientific topic of climate change has now become incontrovertibly a matter of world politics. Poels faces a personal conflict. Are we doing the right thing?

The Uncertainty Has Settled is the first film within a planned trilogy by Marijn Poels. “What is so beautiful and compelling in this documentary is the ignorance of the maker,” Jan Jakobs wrote in his review.

“Marijn stumbles from one surprise to another. You can see his disbelief and amazement and sometimes even read the despair on his face. The beautiful images and transitions, along with the necessary rest points, provide the viewer with the necessary breaks but at the same time evoke a desire for more information. The way in which the issue is addressed, the words used to interpret the information, make the film extremely suitable for all and sundry. Even for those who thought there was only one opinion on the subject of climate change and CO2. There are also the conversations with ordinary people, who are victims of the remote and detached politics in Europe, which add so much more to this documentary than just a collection of facts to show that you are in the right. The human factor is ever present; the painful exposure of failed politics aimed at reducing human CO2, the devastating consequences for the landscape and nature, the income of entire populations that disappears and farmers who are busy producing energy instead of food. It eats away at the sense of justice of a man such as Marijn Poels.”

The documentary, which is completely self-financed by Poels, was boycotted by media, distributors, and film festivals after its release in February this year. Poels decided to self-distribute the film and screened it in 100 alternative cinemas throughout Europe.

The Uncertainty Has Settled is now available worldwide through online-demand at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/theuncertaintyhassettled  for 5 USD / 3,88 GBP only

Watch the Trailer: https://vimeo.com/191830278

More info about the documentary at www.theuncertaintyhassettled.de
Read the complete review by Jan Jakobs here

Marijn Poels received in 2011 “The Voice of peace” medal in Lahore, Pakistan. This medal is annually awarded to persons who committed their selves against terrorism and violence in Pakistan and coming out for human rights.   This Dutch independent filmmakerdocumentary maker, and international speaker produced films like The Voice of 650 million Times One, Nothing About Us and produced several documentary series for TV. He also made tour documentaries of the Dutch punk group Heideroosjes.

Poels is making films about international issues focusing on social, economical and political topics. In 2009 he wrote his first book “Between Two Worlds“. Poels’ film style is characterized by real-life recordings. The viewer gets a pure view of reality without being directly given any opinion by a filmmaker. Poels latest documentary project is a controversial story where he’s questioning climate change and the current energy policies.



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