The hard Left is planning disruption and violence to silence a CFACT speaker.

CFACT student leaders invited Lauren Southern, a mainstream conservative/libertarian Canadian author, journalist, and YouTube sensation to speak to our campus chapter at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities tonight.

CFACT students need your help and they need it now!

Can we count on you to help CFACT stand up to these bullies and assert our right to free speech? Your crucial gift of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more will be put to work immediately to provide our student leaders the resources they need to stand up and overcome this assault on their civil rights.

Left-wing organizers have issued a “Twin Cities: Call For An Anti-fascist Response to Lauren Southern.” That’s right, radical Leftists, including the masked and violent ANTIFA, are planning to attack!

They have asked a mob of anti-American thugs to “take steps to protect your identity from the State.” They wouldn’t need to wear masks if their intentions were peaceful. This is frightening, but free speech is “use it or lose it.” How can we back down and let the enemies of academic freedom rule?

Will you support the right of CFACT students and every student to peacefully think, speak and engage as they choose?

What does Lauren Southern plan to speak about that the Left fears? The evils and inefficiencies of Socialism and the necessity of free speech on campus.

Socialism is responsible for a century of economic destruction and countless millions of deaths. They don’t want students to hear about this history and learn. Socialists fear facts like vampires fear garlic.

The Left just vandalized CFACT signs on campus twice. They splashed red paint over the word “capitalism” and changed “free market” to “no market.” Imagine, Americans fighting against freedom? Now vandalism against written words is no longer enough. They are stooping to violence and disruption.

You won’t let them shut us down, will you? CFACT needs your help today!

Are you in the area? The event will be held at the Twin Cities campus at 7 pm on Wednesday October 25, 2017. That’s tonight! We have a limited number of reserved seats available. If you would like to attend tonight and stand with CFACT in person, click here, contact us right now, and we may have space for you.

CFACT stands for individual freedom and dignity for all people everywhere. What do these dangerous radicals stand for? Take it from them:

“As anti-fascists in the Twin Cities we acknowledge that we fight on stolen land. We stand against white supremacy, patriarchy, homo- and transphobia, hatred of migrants, and the exploitation of the proletariat. We stand in uncompromising solidarity with all anti-fascist combatants worldwide in the struggle against capitalism and white supremacy. We intend to win.”

If we let them win we lose free speech and academic freedom for all students, left, right and center.

We need to make a stand. CFACT is standing up tonight. Will you stand with us?


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.