The Climate Empire is striking back!

Delegates from around the world are gathering this week and next in Bonn, Germany for the UN’s latest climate summit.

President Trump did the right thing when he initiated the process to withdraw the U.S. from the UN’s unscientific, unfair, ill-conceived Paris climate accord. Now climate campaigners are scrambling like mad to keep us in, run out the clock on the Trump presidency, and force us to live through all the economic pain and hardship this disastrous Paris accord can offer.

Will you allow that to happen?

CFACT is right now sending a crack delegation of climate policy experts to the UN meeting in Bonn. Will you help CFACT break the Green-Left’s monopoly on climate and energy policy and set America and the world free?

Your gift of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more will enable CFACT’s seasoned team to fight hard, and spare our nation the economic pain that would be inflicted by the UN’s attempt to make a power grab on U.S. energy.

CFACT will kick off its mission by co-sponsoring a scientific climate conference in Dusseldorf with EIKE, the European Institute for Climate and Energy. CFACT was there at EIKE’s formation – and we’re pleased that it has now become a heavyweight organization sporting German and international climate scientists who will partner with CFACT to lay out all the evidence needed to expose and debunk the UN’s grandiose climate scare.

Headlining the conference will be the dynamic duo of Lord Christopher Monckton and CFACT’s own Marc Morano, two gifted climate communicators who can take the ball and score with the public like few others can.

The battle is on! Can we count on you to fight beside us?

Let’s face it. Global warming pressure groups aren’t campaigning to change the climate. They concede the Paris Agreement is useless for that. They are campaigning for power, control, unfair advantage, and money. Billions, actually make that trillions, of dollars are at stake.

The UN brashly says it wants $100 billion dollars per year for its Green Climate Fund … and that’s just to start!

Developing nations also want the U.S. to reimburse them when extreme weather strikes. This is because they actually claim you’re causing it! They call their little scheme “loss and damage” – shorthand for billions in redistribution for extreme, though natural, weather events that would occur whether people in the U.S. drove cars and used electricity or not.

Will you let UN bureaucrats plow ahead with these sorts of ruinous schemes?

President Trump says he is vowing to cut them off – but he needs the policy and public outreach backing to see this through. CFACT is going there to provide just that.

Are you ready to help us blow the whistle and put a stop to the Green-Left’s global warming scam?

A dangerous alliance of left-wing activists, crony-capitalists, advantage-seeking countries and UN bureaucrats are converging on the city of Bonn right now. Their aim is to defeat President Trump, gain control over America and drain our taxpayers dry.

CFACT is headed there, too. We’re ready to call them out and expose the massive deceptions and hypocrisies that lie at the foundation of UN climate policy. The task is urgent. The moment is now. CFACT is ready to get to work, but we need you with us!

CFACT’s friends have always come through in our time of need. Please step up right now and make the most generous contribution you can to help CFACT take on the UN’s radical climate hysterics in Bonn, Germany.

We know we can count on you!


  • Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.