America’s pending withdrawal from the UN Paris Climate Pact has left us the only truly honest nation at the Bonn climate summit.

As we head through the conference we see elaborate pavilions set up by many countries.  This year America’s official delegation has a modest office behind an often locked door.

Advanced nations Like Europe, Canada and Japan are touting solar panels, wind turbines and electric cars as climate “solutions,” in the full knowledge that none of the above solve anything.  They enjoy the virtue-signaling and some make fortunes off the subsidies.  Yet despite their so-called Green projects, their emissions never actually go down.

Which nation dramatically reduced emissions while others talked?  The United States.  How did we do it?  Private enterprise created the shale energy boom and American natural gas kept our lights on while emitting much less CO2.  Carbon dioxide is not the demon the climate folks would have us believe, but the Obama Administration didn’t see the energy revolution coming and its policies were nothing but wasteful and irrelevant.

America came to the climate summit to tout genuine energy projects that work and the climate-left shouted us down.  Check out CFACT’s Facebook page for a video we made with a sample of the truths we spoke to the anti-energy mob.

A host of “developing” nations came to the climate summit demanding more and faster redistribution of wealth.  They are shamelessly attributing every natural weather event they face to climate change and demanding “compensation” for their “loss and damage.”  The science is clear that today’s weather events have little or nothing to do with climate change, but these nations were essentially bribed to sign the Paris Accord and now they want their cash.

America’s new administration, quietly led Europe, Japan and others is so-far thwarting calls for “accelerated” commitments and payments not yet due under the Paris Accord.

China and India backed the call for accelerating the climate pain because they conveniently exempted themselves from cash commitments as their condition for signing on to Paris.  All they want is to raise costs for our industry so they can manufacture the products we price out.

While American free-market innovation dramatically reduced U.S. emissions, China and India invested in coal, as fast as their economies would allow.  China alone’s increased emissions canceled out America’s emissions decreases.  Take a look at the report on Chinese emissions we posted today from Tim Pearce.

America is standing steady beginning to bring the UN climate process back to reality.

Some high-profile Americans led by California Governor Jerry Brown, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, are touting themselves as an “alternate” American delegation.  They are blithely repeating every disproven exaggeration of climate science the warming campaign feeds them and vowing to set American climate policy on their own.

Do you remember when the state of Arizona attempted to enforce American border laws and the Obama Administration stopped them, claiming exclusive federal preemption of all things immigration?  Arizona merely wanted to enforce our laws within its own borders.  The U.S. Constitution assigns exclusive authority over U.S. foreign policy to the federal executive, with checks and balances from the Senate.  Can a collection of current and former local officials make their own American foreign policy?  Where would such a power come from?

In Bonn, official America is reasserting American interests in a low key, but honest way.

That’s an improvement over what we had under Obama and an example the world should follow.


  • Craig Rucker

    Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.